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  1. First off thanks for the recommendation, SpartyOn4! And this forum is awesome to keep track of minors players. Minor League Ball had a different feel for sure, but this place can be great in its own right. As for my content, I generally put out 1 post a week on Monday for free up on my website, and then the rest of the week will be on my patreon. I only posted the opening day rundown post on my patreon too because I was off my usual schedule and didn't want you guys to miss it.
  2. Thanks, Dark One! Much appreciated
  3. Yup. Been doing an update to the top 100 over at my site. Here is a link to #1-25 (I also posted #26-50 yesterday): https://www.imaginarybrickwall.com/march-2019-top-100-dynasty-baseball-prospects-ranking-1-25-w-new-blurbs-updated-rankings-and-slightly-updated-projections/
  4. I might be a little low on the batting average, but I ding batting average for catchers a bit just because of the grind of the position and constantly getting dinged up. He also had a 20.8% K% as a 22 year old at High-A, which isn't great. I probably factored in too much downside risk that I didn't factor in with my other projections. You are right to question it a bit and I think I'm too low.
  5. Thanks guys. Appreciate the love
  6. Hey Team Dynasty, just wanted to give you a heads up that I released my 2020 FYPD ranking on my site, and included where each guy would rank on my 2019 Top 472 Prospects Ranking. Hope this is what you were looking for
  7. Thanks Team Dynasty. I've never done a list including players who weren't signed/drafted yet, but it has surely been a thought. I usually don't start really digging hard into those guys until the season starts, but I will keep it in mind for the future to maybe ramp up my research of them earlier. I've played in open universe dynasty leagues, so I know how important it is to be on next season's rookie crop early (and even younger guys too). Thanks again.
  8. Tyler O'Neill was one of the first sleeper articles I wrote when I started my website in 2016 and nobody was talking about him, so he holds a special place in my heart. But completely objectively, I think he is going to mash and has speed too.
  9. Thanks for posting this brock and appreciate the kind words. I ranked Chavis on my top 1000, but I must of missed him when I did the prospects only list. It is updated. Also, tryptamine is right that the write up and projection on Widener was better than my ranking of him. I moved him up a little bit. Thanks for the feedback guys.
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