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  1. Platinum Futures Dynasty League on Fantrax . Need 3 teams. Daily line-ups. FRIENDLY, COMPETITIVE PAYOUT SYSTEM! $65 entry - 12 teams - will have a 5 team dispersal - 6x6 H2H scoring categories. In-depth league constitution and dispersal draft link via google.docs available! email... joe henry schlager @ gmail . com for information!!! Key info... 65 man rosters. 24 player active lineups. 12bats, 12pitchers. 16 man major league bench. Minimum of 20 minors at all times. R,HR,RBI,SB,OBP,TB - K,SV+HLD,W+QS+SO+CG,ERA,WHIP,HR/9allowed. 12 teams, 20 scoring periods, 2 matchup
  2. League is 12 teams, 6x6 H2H scoring. Fantrax League. Entry is $55. You would be allowed to play out this year for no fee, but I would ask that you pay me in advance upon joining to secure your spot for next season. Team has a lot of talent, especially pitching. Due to the owner who is leaving, the team is in 10th right now with a 4-11-1 record. Yet, this was a team that made the semi-finals of the playoffs the year before. There are two simultaneous weeklong match-ups per team each week. Schedule is set up so that there are 20 regular season weeks, and 40 matchups. Please e-mail me f
  3. I need a replacement owner as well. The league is in year 2 and is a Fantrax league. The team has a lot of talent, but due to an owner who was not very committed over the offseason, we had to find a hurried replacement owner in their place. Turns out that new owner doesn't like the format as much as he thought and despite paying a league fee for next, doesn't want to return. In short, we need a committed owner for this team. The league is 12 teams, H2H scoring, 6hitting, 6pitching. E-mail me if you would like more details or a link to view the league. Thanks! joehenryschlager@g
  4. We are looking for a last minute replacement owner for a H2H 6x6 scoring Dynasty League on Fantrax fantasy sports. League is 12 teams, two divisions, friendly payouts. New owner would not have to pay this year as the team fee is already paid for by the previous owner. Would need to Venmo/Cash app for next year's league entry of $55. Team needs last minute roster adjustments to make the roster legal to accumulate stats. The team currently possesses 24/24 active players, 30/16 reserve players, and 19/20 minor league spots. So roster would need to cut 14 reserve players and make one ad
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