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  1. McClanahan wasn't a bad choice. I would also try and grab Tapia and Pearson. I would take those guys over Kiriloff and Lamet Help me:
  2. Pretty close value, but I lean Conforto ROS.
  3. Agreed. Lindor will come around. I am not so sure about Paddock. You go way up in pitching, You gain power numbers in hitting and lose runs and speed. Now that I put it in writing, in a redruaft I prefer the Woodruff side as well. Help me:
  4. Yahoo 12 team head to head redraft This was his counter offer to my attempt to buy low on Ozuna ... too much? My Moncada/Brantley/McKenzie His Ozuna/ Montas I would move Edman to 3rd and Rojas to 2nd and pick up either T Shaw or Austin Riley for a bench hitter. OR what do you think about a counter-counter of: Edman/Brantley/McKenzie? for Ozuna/Montas (I would pick up Profar or Lux) My team:
  5. I think your strength is power / OF in hitting and SP. Weakness is speed and RP. RPs are always available on the ww. I agree you can trade away the strength of SP. Help me
  6. I would totally jump on this. You get the beat player in Chapman. Help me
  7. I own them both. I agree with Nittany Chris, My biggest worry is TBay usage. I think Pearson is higher risk and reward, so would roll the dice on him. Help me
  8. I am 3rd in my 12 team yahoo head to head redraft league (despite drafting last and picking Yellich with my first pick) I am doing very well in pitching categories and speed, but lacking in HR and RBI. Just completed trading away Trivino for C Morton. I proposed my Brantley/McKenzie/Paddock for his Ozuna/Montas. He countered with Brantley/Moncada/McKenzie for his Montas/Ozuna I am a Chi Sox fan, so need some objective advice here My bats C Grandal 1b N Lowe 2B T Edman (stL 2,3 ss, of) 3b Moncada Ss Bogaerts Of Grisham (sd), T Hernan
  9. I was in a similar situation and dropped Weathers. Didn't like that injury pull last game. Help me
  10. I think short term I keep Dolis. ROS, Montero Help me
  11. 12 team Yahoo head to head redraft. 5x5 I have a couple guys coming off IL (yellich, Wainwright) . So offered a few 2-1 on buy low guys. Offered a guy my Paddock and Trivino for his Morton. He countered with just Trivino for Morton. I have to take that right? Rp is my strength. Also which SP am I dropping first, Wainwright, McKenzie, Gonzales, McClanahan, Montero? My SP: Bauer, Flaherty, Paddock, Walker, McKenzie, Clanahan,Wainwright (IL), Gonzales (IL), Valdez (IL), Pearson (na), RP: Hader, Chapman, Barnes, Trivino, Montero
  12. CBS just did a story about Kluber and Bassit being drop candidates who were drafted higher than they should have been. He is still owned in my league, but I don't know if I would pick him up. Help me
  13. Gallen. I live in da Burgh and don't trust Keller at all. Help me;
  14. Dropping Ottavino since Barnes has jobbed locked up and want to help improve my weakness of SP. Who to pick up (Yahoo head to head 5x5 standard redraft)? (might be able to pick up 2) Marco Gonzales (Sea) Luke Weaver (Ari) Anthony Desclafani / Sanchez /Webb (SF) Duffy (KC) Javier (Hou) Ynoa (Braves) Fulmer / Mize /Skubal (Det) Walker (Mets) Houck, Severino, Gore, Mikolas, Garcia, or, Gilbert
  15. I am also trying to add Drsclafini. I think I give the nudge to dropping Locastro over Davis but would be comfortable dropping either myself.
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