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  1. Any chance either is better than your flex? If not I’d roll with Kittle. Logan Thomas has been good lately, I still think I’d roll Kittle though. help with mine
  2. That’s tough, I think I’d wait and if he’s out, I’d play Higgins. Bowden is a solid 9-10 points if the other Dolphins are out but if they play I wouldn’t trust him. Help with mine please.
  3. My Line up is as follows: Jalen Hurts Chubb & Swift Dionate Johnson & Julio (if plays) Waller Flex ??? James Conner, Tee Higgins, Reagor, Kittle. If Julio is out probably Higgins as wr2. Who would you flex. Just saw Kittle is playing.
  4. PPR 12 team not much on ww. I have James Conner but not sure he plays or is effective. Can pick up Marques Valdez Scantling, Tee Higgins, Tre’quon Smith, or J Reagor. Who would you choose as your flex?
  5. I agree, I would choose team A. Stafford probably will not play. I’d pick that team and then pick up the best qb on the ww.
  6. Rivers vs Raiders Ryan vs Chargers Projected to be a nail biter in first round of playoffs. Thanks
  7. I think Burrow will throw more giving him a higher upside. Good luck
  8. Full ppr 12 team league. Struggling record plagued by injuries. Was offered Justin Jefferson for DeAndre Swift. Other RBs: Chubb, J. Conner, D. Montgomery, D. Swift, L. Murray, D. Harris Other Wrs: Julio, M. Thomas, Diante Johnson, Tim Patrick I like swifts upside if he ever becomes the #1 back. I’ve not really kept up with Jefferson but is ranked #7 wr over all but looks inflated with a couple of big weeks. But he obviously has big week upside.
  9. I would add Mattison, unless most teams roster 2qbs is drop my back up wb. Usually a decent one on the ww.
  10. I’d start wentz. They will have to throw to keep up. I like his matchup better.
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