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  1. I had my 10 team draft last saturday. Nominated him for $1...crickets, no one bid on him. Very happy with him on my team. Could be a steal or could be a wasted buck, but i'll keep him on my bench and see what he does. If he can be solid, he should see a lot of touches. I don't think too highly of cj....
  2. Manager said he would not be pitched on consecutive days for a while, they are going to ease him in. It's Claudio for a little while regardless of his performance or profile...
  3. From what i can read they are just going to go very slowly to bringing Kela back to the role of closer. He can't pitch consecutive nights right now either. THey are just going to be very conservative with him for a while. But seems like it will eventually be his job. I dropped him for Claudio and hoping i can pick up Kela when it sees like he is going to go back into the role.
  4. Would make no sense if the Yanks didn't now go after a SP now, so could see them working with the A's to get Sonny
  5. I know off topic of the White sox/yanks, but is Keone Kela definitely the Rangers closer when he comes back?
  6. haha, thought that paragraph sounded familiar
  7. yeah i agree...maybe this was to up his confidence. but he/we need another rehab start at least at AA
  8. was not AAA...was Single A Brooklyn. For some reason they went backwards with him in terms of levels...not as impressive a start
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