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  1. Yeah he starting to look more like what he used to be, effective innings eater
  2. It's too bad Shin Soo Choo isn't playing anymore, had to change my name to parking lot in honor of Wanders ST homer
  3. That George Springer is held together by bubble gum, and I don't expect him to play through minor injuries now that he got his big contract
  4. This is par for the course for this guy. Now that he got his big contract I expect this sort of stuff regularly
  5. It's Slater's world and we are just living in it
  6. He had 2 walks in 130 AB last year... he had 2 walks on opening day... get hyped? Not to mention a sb and a 450+ft bomb
  7. Yeah and you can understand from Lindors perspective wanting more than a guy who hasn't even played a full season. But from the team perspective you'd rather have the 22 year old obviously
  8. Dang I wonder what the reasoning is behind this, seems a bit bizarre to make a last minute change for no reason
  9. Looks like he made the roster and will start in LF or CF. Anybody taking a dart throw for the power/speed upside? Has been hammering the ball in spring but with plenty of ks
  10. Yeah I mean a week is the most optimistic prognosis for a grade 2 oblique in history
  11. Wow javier over mcCullers, surprising
  12. I'd have to think 25 is worst case scenario if he plays everyday. Guy hit 38 in 2019
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