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  1. Was I removed? Didn’t have good service at work to pay, can pay immediately if another invite sent. Thanks!
  2. I will take that spot above and pay, email me please. am0027@uah.edu
  3. In, am0027@uah.edu Prefer to draft exactly at 7pm Est, how many people in this league in and already paid up?
  4. Want to hop in on an early draft. $30-100 buy in, anyone got a draft tonight? Let me know, thanks!
  5. The time is up to whatever everyone wants. Preferably 8 EST but maybe 9 EST
  6. QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex, Flex, D, K 6 Bench 1 IR Draft at 8 or 9 EST im just gauging the interest level on this and if we get enough people interested we can start the league up Lets draft tonight fellas!
  7. We are both paid up man, send us both the ESPN invites again
  8. Dylanrmalone@gmail.com me and my brother share the same roto account. Email me leaguesafe as well please
  9. Could we possibly bump it up an hour if it fills and everyone agrees??
  10. Not around my wallet at the moment, will pay in about an hour... don't kick me
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