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  1. I love both players but with Deebo back think I'd lean a little more toward Beasley Help in return
  2. I am in a 16 team league or I have Mostert starting but need help with my 2nd RB. Zeke McKissic I know it should be a no brainer for Zeke but he has sucked and McKissic has outplayed him.
  3. Tough choice but I think I would stick with Aiyuk Help with mine
  4. I would have probably said Higgins in this one.
  5. I'm in a 16 team dynasty league and I've been hit with multiple injuries. Pick my 3rd WR C. Beasley - I'd normally start him but with Diggs and other WRs getting healthy he seems to be an after thought as seen in the last 2 games AJ. Green - Playing the Steelers and hasn't been consistent. I know not great choices but that's my choices.
  6. I agree with this ^^^^^^ Help with mine
  7. I would do this the upside of a M. Thomas is huge. Help with mine
  8. Tossups for me between Hasty and Brown. I'd go Hasty GB isnt good against the run and I don't think McKinnon will do anything. Help with mine
  9. I'd lean on Bell here sure the easy answer seems like McKinnon but I can see Hasty taking over the starting role till a healthier back comes back. Go Bell Help with mine
  10. This is a 16 team dynasty league. I've had tons of injuries, so I've managed to grab a few players off waivers not great players but the best that's available. QB- Foles RB-Zeke Elliot RB- J.D. McKissic WR- C. Beasley WR- M. Evan's TE- Logan Thomas FLEX- A. Humphries D/ST- Washington K- R. Succor BENCH D. Brees AJ Green G. Benard B. Snell D/ST- 49ers T. Taylor AIyuk-O Kittle-IR Mostert-IR The top 3 RBs and top 3 WRs on waivers are RB Deejay Dallas
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