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  1. We can only hope. 👍 I did watch MT game from last year thou. Wow
  2. Trade Trade Trade!! Get good value. All 3 leagues have him are 10th round keeper. I love him but 34 trash can thompson in way to much today.
  3. I trade CEH and Swift get back Robinson and Carson. My other Rbs are Gibson and Fournette.
  4. Lets go!! He burned me last year. He owes me one just dropped hamler for him.
  5. You better be right. He is only one that can handle all 3 downs. RJ couldn’t even beat out peyton barber last year. Lets go Lenny!!
  6. Still didn’t look great with eye test thou!
  7. Chargers DE is legit. Mixon will rock tonight on short week 19-120-1
  8. Cut Austin Pooper 💩 💩💩 for Goedert.
  9. So is this guy a not worth a pickup?
  10. My #1 target next year!! He is a freight train 🚂
  11. I hope your right!! I have as a 9th round keeper next year.
  12. 12 team .5 ppr QB: Watson RB: D. Cook RB: Ingram WR: D. Adams WR: M. Thomas WR: Gallup/TY TE: Kelce Flex: D. Singletary/R. Mostert K: W. Lutz DST: Patriots
  13. If you looking for a wildcard or a boone play here he is.
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