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  1. Our league is entering its 2nd season and needs 1 owner to step up and take over an abandoned team so we can get our season underway. The set up is very unique and a lot of fun. We started with an inaugural auction draft, and each team is permitted to keep up to 8 players each year. Inflation is done in a cool way. Each owner has $2 to assign to every other team in the league (thus, you will have $26 inflation dollars total assigned to your team by your league mates), and each player is subject to a max annual inflation of $7 (so they don't become prohibitively expensive after 1 or 2 years). A
  2. Had 2 drop, so if anyone is interested and able to draft tonight at 8pm EST, space is available. 14 teams total, 7x7 H2H roto, weekly lineup moves. $200 FAAB for free agents. 6 teams make the playoffs. Should be an easy league to take care of throughout the year. https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=zktevi0kjdoohtbd&isSubmit=y
  3. Just had one team drop so there is a space available. Draft is Sunday night at 7pm EST. This is a free 14 team H2H league on Fantrax with a live auction draft. Just looking for active managers who enjoy the thrill of an auction draft and are willing to set a weekly lineup throughout the year. Thanks for joining!
  4. You're in. We have one space available, as one owner just dropped because of a conflict with the draft time.
  5. bump. 1 spot left in this league with the online auction draft set for this Sunday, March 11 at 7pm EST. If you can make the draft and will stay active come join! https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=zktevi0kjdoohtbd&isSubmit=y
  6. and....bump. Almost there. Need 4 more teams able to draft March 11 at 7pm EST and stay active all year. Where are my auction draft fans??
  7. bump. 2 spaces left. I don't see many auction format leagues on here, so if you are an auction fan and want a free league, join up and let's do it!
  8. - This is just a standard redraft league for those that enjoy auction drafts. Draft is set for 3/11 at 7pm EST. - 7x7 H2H format -Hitting (HR, R, RBI, SB, SO, AVG, OPS) -Pitching (W, K, SV, H, QS, ERA, WHIP) https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=zktevi0kjdoohtbd&isSubmit=y
  9. If you'd like to try an auction league (just an annual league, not a dynasty or keeper), you can check this out. https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=zktevi0kjdoohtbd&isSubmit=y
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