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  1. Your team seems solid everywhere, but kind of lacks a position where you're truly elite. I'm not in love with your WR3 situation for PPR. Jones Jr is not going to catch 9 TDs again and isn't a target monster and Cooks isn't really a high volume guy either.. I think I would like your team more if you had spent your 5th or 6th round pick on a Jarvis Landry or Golden Tate. Landry and Tate are less sexy, but have a way better floor. Jones Jr caught 3 or less balls in 8 games last year. I do like Brees and Mixon as nice bounce back candidates though.
  2. I'm just glad no one bashed my dream draft. Tough crowd LOL. 12 team PPR QB: Matt Ryan WR1: Antonio Brown WR2: Doug Baldwin WR3: Jarvis Landry RB1: Devonta Freeman RB2: Kerryon Johnson or Rex Burkhead or Corey Clement TE: Zach Ertz
  3. You guys might think I'm crazy but the more I look into these Rookies in preparation for my draft the more I like Kerryon Johnson. I think he'd probably be in my top 5. Ronald Jones is like 197 pounds. He's not really built to be a workhorse. I know guys like Jamaal Charles and Chris Johnson were great, but those guys are few and far between. As for Chubb, with the Browns locking down Duke Johnson, his value really dips IMO. Chubb is likely to offer next to nothing in the passing game. I know the Lions have had terrible luck at RB as of late, but Johnson has all of the tools to be a feature ba
  4. Jarvis Landry would probably fall into this category for me. He's currently a late 5th rounder in PPR and I like him more than most of the WRs going in the 4th. I get that he's in Cleveland but every year people doubt this guy and every year he produces. At some point people are going to have to accept the fact that he's a high end WR2 in PPR. 84 receptions is his career low.
  5. 12 team PPR - 5th pick 1: Antonio Brown 2: Devonta Freeman 3. Doug Baldwin 4: Zach Ertz 5: Jarvis Landry 6: Kerryon Johnson 7: Rex Burkhead 8: Robert Woods 9: Corey Clement 10: Matt Ryan I really like Burkhead and Clement as nice RB sleepers this year.
  6. 4th or 5th pick in PPR - realistic dream start for me would be Antonio Brown, Devonta Freeman, and Doug Baldwin. I could round out my team from there but that would be a great start.
  7. It's ultimately your call, but I think Antonio Brown-Devonta Freeman is a much better start than Alvin Kamara-Mike Evans. Just my $.02
  8. Agree on waiting late on a QB this year. I also like Jameis Winston and Matt Ryan a lot.
  9. Yeah I'm hoping Freeman or Jones get to me. I'm not sold on Chubb.
  10. Yeah I like Guice, but I don't completely trust Jay Gruden's offense to have a stud feature back and Thompson will cut into his snaps IMO. It's honeslty 50/50 on whether these guys pan out though so don't beat yourself up too much trying to make a decision.
  11. I would probably go Penny in non-PPR and Michel in PPR. There are no sure things, but Penny is very talented and will be given every opportunity to be a bell cow.
  12. Last year was my first ever Dynasty league (always played in re-draft leagues). I finished #2 in points, but lost in the first round of the playoffs so I have pick 1.07. Looking for feedback on my team and thoughts on strategies for the upcoming Rookie draft. 12 team PPR... QB Drew Brees Deshaun Watson Mitch Trubisky WR AJ Green Doug Baldwin Jarvis Landry Jamison Crowder Robert Woods Adam Humphries Pharoh Cooper RB Melvin Gordon Marshawn Lynch Chris Thompson Jamaal Williams Corey Clem
  13. Love Crowder this year. I think people were a year too early on him, but the fact that he was a bit of a disappointment last year could provide good value. I could see him catching ~85 balls this year with Alex Smith.
  14. Jamison Crowder finishes as a low end WR1 in PPR. I think Alex Smith's dink and dunk style is going to really help Crowder. 85+ receptions.
  15. People wrote this kid off way too soon. He's a serious talent.
  16. Is this guy starting to come around? 13 catches for 199 yards over his last 2 games. Also returns punts if you get points for return yardage. I started him 2 weeks ago versus the Cowboys and he came through for me.
  17. I'm a lifelong Nole so in theory I should side with Ramsey, but the dude is a loose cannon. He had big time issues with fights in practice at FSU. He got into with Karlos Williams one day and they rolled up on Winston's legs. Jimbo Fisher threatened to kick him off the team after said incident. I don't think Ramsey has a criminal record or anything like that, but he's definitely an arrogant, entitled hot head that has an issue with authority. Here is the interview with FSU HC Jimbo Fisher following the practice incident I was referring to:
  18. Sounds like head referee Brad Allen was fed up with Ramsey. "Following the game, referee Brad Allen explained that Ramsey was ejected because he instigated the fight after being warned multiple times to cool it." I wonder if the league office talked to the officiating crew and basically got a "he had it coming" response. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bengals-a-j-green-wont-be-suspended-for-wild-brawl-that-ended-in-double-ejection/
  19. I'm not sure what to do here. He's been money this year, but this is a tough match up and he's playing with a backup QB. Definitely fearful of a dud game.
  20. They're going up against the Cardinals so Peterson will likely be on Evans all day which may free up the slot. Nelson Agholor had 93 yards and a TD last week against the Cardinals. I have AJ Green & Doug Baldwin on Byes this week so looking for some help at WR. Am I engaging in wishful thinking on Humphries or does he have a chance to shine this week? Full point PPR league.
  21. I have Brees and Watson. Really don't know what to do going forward. Seems kinda crazy to start Watson over Brees (no way he stays this hot), but also hard to bench a guy coming off back to back 30+ point performances.
  22. I think I'm going to start Riddick next week as my RB2 in PPR. Lynch is @Denver and has been unimpressive. Riddick is also one of those weird players that actually produces more against good teams (they're at the Vikings next week). Here's hoping he'll be more involved after 2 quiet games.
  23. Brutal start to the year for Crowder. Very disappointing. I honestly thought he'd be a top 20 WR in PPR.
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