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  1. In my money league my starting WR's are: AJ Green Doug Baldwin Jamison Crowder Needless to say I'm hoping for signs of life in Week 3. It's a miracle that I'm 1-1.
  2. I was really high on him going into the year. Been a big disappointment so far. Hopefully he can show some flashes on Sunday Night.
  3. The Cardinals lost Calais Campbell, Kevin Minter, Daryl Washington, DJ Swearinger, and Tony Jefferson. Them having one of the best defenses in the league is far from a given.
  4. Am I the only one that would rather have Jordy than OBJ?
  5. He caught 38 balls and 4 TD's last year. He could realistically catch double digit TD's his year with Edelman gone. His value certainly goes up.
  6. Jimmy Graham is the #1 TE at the end of the season. Kelvin Benjamin finishes as a top 12 WR. He'll never be a 90+ catch guy in that offense, but he can realistically be a 12 TD guy. He caught 7 last year coming off an ACL tear and with Cam stinking up the joint.
  7. 7. T.Y. Hilton, IND2017 Projection: 88 receptions / 1400 yards / 7 touchdowns Early to mid second round pick on a 200 point WR in PPR? No thanks. I can get a 175 point WR in the 6th round. Hilton is way overvalued IMO.
  8. Obviously it depends on the scoring system, but in my league McCoy and Freeman both outscored the #1 WR. Every league is different though.
  9. As bad as Gurley was last year, he still ended up being the #18 RB in PPR. The guy could easily be a top 10 RB this year and you can get him in the 3rd round. People better start taking notice.
  10. Gurley and Crowell are both very intriguing in the 3rd. Both could be top 10 RBs and if they bust who really cares?
  11. The numbers are the numbers. WR group A had 690 points and WR group B had 543. The difference between LeSean McCoy and Jonathan Stewart would more than erase the difference between that entire WR group (3 positions). Again, I think people underestimate how many points a top 5 back puts up in PPR. They put up crazy numbers.
  12. Agree, but my point is that guys like Odell Beckham and AJ Green just aren't as valuable to fantasy success as people think. An AJ Green, TY Hilton, Doug Baldwin WR corp looks sexy as hell on paper, but the reality is that it's not as superior to a Michael Crabtree, Golden Tate, and Jamison Crowder WR corp as people think. It just isn't.
  13. I don't play in standard leagues, but how about a week to week comparison of McCoy and Stewart?
  14. As much as I love AJ Green and Mike Evans, I just don't see myself taking them over LeSean McCoy or Devonta Freeman. The numbers just don't support it. The WR position is just so deep in PPR that #'s 20-40 are viable options. I'd much rather go Freeman, Gordon, Crowell and then start taking WRs like Tate, Crabtree, and Snead. The points gap between TY Hilton and Jamison Crowder just isn't as big as people assume. Conversely, the points gap between Devonta Freeman and Jonathan Stewart or Bilal Powell is bigger than people assume.
  15. Just as an example: Odell Beckham Jr and Adam Thielen were separated by 88 points. Lesean McCoy and Jonathan Stewart were separated by 160 points.
  16. PPR. We also use bonus points. 3 points if a WR or RB goes over 100 yards, 150, 200. I actually hate bonus points but my league mates voted on it.
  17. Every time I've ever drafted a TE early I've ended up hating my team lol. I like to wait at TE.
  18. #6 RB Devonta Freeman + #40 WR Marquise Lee = 411.85 points #6 WR TY Hilton + #20 RB Jeremy Hill = 402.00 points That's right. The #6 RB + the #40 WR is a better combo than the #6 WR + the #20 RB. I'm actually glad I pulled up these numbers from my league last year because this is pretty eye opening.
  19. Honestly, I think the top RBs are even more valuable in PPR. I just looked at my league from last year and there were a ton of WRs in the 160-180 point range. There's a much bigger drop off at RB. Devonta Freeman > Odell Beckham Jr in PPR.
  20. I think you may be underestimating how valuable a top shelf RB is. Don't get me wrong, I've had success with zero RB. It's a viable strategy and I don't think you're nuts, but a top 5 or 6 RB is an absolute game changer. I just pulled up my league from last year. The #4 RB was Lesean McCoy (not going to use DJ, Bell, or Zeke as an example because they're freaks). McCoy scored 307.50 points last year. Let's just say someone landed the #4 and #7 WRs in this league - in this case it was OBJ (250.25 points) and Doug Baldwin (212.20 points). Those 2 WRs combined for 462.45 points. Lesean McCoy pair
  21. I know this is anecdotal, but my experience with Zero RB is that I almost always have a good team that makes the playoffs, but usually come up short and finish 2nd or 3rd. Last year in my flex league I went RB-RB-WR-RB and won the league. That was with taking Gurley in the 1st round (he actually wasn't terrible - #18 RB). I think Zero RB is a viable strategy for consistency, but stud RBs do typically win leagues and while you can hit on a lottery guy late it's a lot less likely than the team that goes RB heavy early.
  22. As an FSU fan that has watched every game Dalvin played in college, I don't think people realize how good this kid is. He's a guy that can go 70 every time he touches the ball and is pretty much a lock for 1-2 big runs per game. I honestly think he outperforms Fournette, McCaffrey, and Mixon in 2017. With that said, he's going to rip off some insane run in the preseason that creates buzz and skyrockets his ADP.
  23. Maybe I'm not as sour on Gurley because I ended up winning the league that I drafted him in the 1st round last year (hit home runs in rounds 2-4) but he actually wasn't THAT bad last year. He ended up being the #18 RB in my PPR league. I feel like his 43 receptions really flew under the radar. I think he's a good bounce back candidate and if he's available in the 3rd I'm likely jumping on it.
  24. Obviously there are concerns with AP, but the guy is an absolute freak. I will definitely get some shares of him this year. He certainly has the potential to be the 4th or 5th round pick that wins people leagues. Even in a timeshare he'll probably score 8-10 TDs.
  25. Touche lol. To be fair though, he is a big play guy that had 749 yards and 5 TDs 2 years ago so he has produced some in the past.
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