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  1. I've dealt with injuries to CMC, Carson, DJ (my entire RB group), Kittle, and Chark only to now lose Fuller???? I'm 6-6 after this week (barring a high-scoring game tonight with massive points from Russ, Carson, and David Moore), but still might make the playoffs if I can pull off a week 13 win. But with no Fuller, I'm heading into the playoffs with Claypool and Chark at WR, plus WW fodder. this blows.
  2. After getting Locketted last night, I need Hendo and Graham to combine for less than 19.5 points in 0.5 PPR league. In other words, I'm screwed.
  3. What you might be overlooking is that the 175mil deal probably wasn't fully guaranteed, and Dak wouldn't necessarily have made it to the full term of the deal. Let's say he signed that deal and he gets injured in the same horrific way. The Cowboys can release him for a fraction of the value of the contract. There may be injury guarantees or insurance included in the contract, but I would be confident in betting that it's not for the full value of the contract. So any yearly increase in the salary he earns IS meaningful to guard against just that very occurrence as what happened here.
  4. 45 PPR points from Kamara + Badgley. That game winning drive by the Seahawks last night probably put it out of reach...stupid Metcalf!!!! Would have needed less than 35 without those big catches and the TD. In another league, I need Josh Allen to not go full 2019-Lamar and stay under 56 points. I feel good about that one.
  5. To be fair, that prediction was made IN JULY, before anyone realized just how bad AJ was going to be this year...
  6. 1. Chark 2. Parker 3. Lamb 4. D. Johnson 5. Higgins 6. Gallup (this could be personal animus due to having him in a keeper league and him not doing much) Thanks for mine.
  7. Tonyan. More chance for higher target share. At least, that's what I'm hoping for since I need him to go off in one of my leagues where I lost Adams.
  8. Absolutely do that. It's a vast improvement over your current QB situation. I'd drop Wentz and keep Fitz for Kyler's bye week. Help with mine?
  9. While you are deep at RB, one of those is Drake, who I've never been a fan of. I'd stand pat or try to get a better receiver in return. Thanks for mine.
  10. 12-team PPR league. My current RB are Zeke, Carson, Gaskin, Hyde (to cuff Carson), Penny (IR). My WR are Chark, Fuller, TY, AJ, T. Smith, Hardman, and Alshon (IR). To round out, QB = Russ Wilson and TE = Kittle and Olson. Do I give Zeke to get D. Henry (and his cleats), Josh Kelley, and Stefon Diggs? On the one hand, I love Zeke's consistency, and Dallas's schedule is nice the entire season. Henry has some tough matchups, especially in the playoffs (if the NFL lasts that long). On the other, I could use another solid WR, and having the RB depth not tied to Seattle
  11. I'm guessing (...hoping? 100% optimistically speculating?) they're taking precautions with Fuller and using his past hammy problems as an excuse to limit him in practice. He could tell them "I felt a fly run into the back of my leg" and the medical staff is gonna say "OMG, SIT THE F DOWN AND REST YOUR HAMMY, WILL!!!" Then boom, on the injury report.
  12. Manager is a huge Dallas fan, so it's more of a homer trade. I would like have the additional high-end WR, but losing Zeke's consistency would be tough. But Dak does have a ton of weapons in Dallas, whereas there isn't a whole lot in Buffalo...
  13. This, but with a tweak. I don't think you need the RB help all that much, but you do need the WR help for this week. I'd throw in a second WW claim for Lazard on the off chance that the other manager claims Jefferson instead. If Adams is out another week (which I could see them doing because GB has a bye in week 5, so they could give him 3 weeks' rest by resting him two games), Lazard could have another heavy workload. That would make Goff your #3 claim. Thanks for the help with mine.
  14. Don't you mean "stay negative"? (To give credit where credit is due, this was a joke from my 8.5 year old daughter when my family had to get tested after we were exposed, since the goal is to have a negative test result. From that moment forward, whenever the issue of COVID comes up, our mantra is "stay negative"! Fortunately, we did ... two times each!)
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