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  1. I’m wondering the same. I’m on leaguesafe, but it’s the only reason I hadn’t paid just yet. Was hoping it’d fill up quick with the season starting in an hour and people wanting to get in at the last second
  2. Rh3ll@yahoo.com can join and pay before 7:30 without issue
  3. Didn’t think I’d have to explain it. The quoted post was talking about how the braves have always been cheap with the pen, and had they not been, maybe they’d have won a couple more titles. My point was that during their best stretch, the pen was not a detriment. It was one of the best in baseball. Not a disparaging comment towards him, a disagreement. As for the Chris Martin comment, it’s an attempt to get back on topic and get back to discussing current day closer situations. Something you’re struggling with. My general thought has always been if you have to discuss something off t
  4. Well since I wasn’t talking to you, it would make sense that my post had nothing to do with your comment, “bro”.
  5. From 1991-2005 they won 14 straight division titles. During that span, their 3.71 bullpen ERA was the second best in all of baseball to the Dodgers, who were at 3.69. Mark Wohlers and his family lived 3-4 minutes from me, so I can’t allow this slander... On that note, Im hanging on to Martin till at least tomorrow, but I’d be surprised if they don’t make a strong push for a better 9th inning guy. Though the fact they gave up Allard for 2 months of Martin says they must be pretty high on him.
  6. While I don’t disagree, he has been hitting fifth, between Bellinger and Muncy. He’s certainly injury prone. He’s definitely going to get extra days off because of their outfield depth. But if he sticks in that spot in the order, he could put up some counting stats in a hurry.
  7. Workman and Josh Taylor were both warming when it was 4-2, with the orioles batting in the 8th.
  8. Incase anyone still has hopes of the Red Sox deciding on one guy to close (they won’t), it’s Josh Smith warming for the ninth with a 7-6 Sox lead.
  9. Baltimore beat writer claims he was. Didn’t watch the game, but stumbled upon this.
  10. Servais basically just said he’d be up “soon”, but never gave any exact timetable. Seattle beat reporters seem to think he’ll be up this week, mostly because they’re only carrying three actual outfielders right now. That can’t hold up all that long.
  11. I don’t really know much about Woodward, but from what all the beat writers are saying, it sounds pretty clear he’s sticking with him at least for now. If I had any shares of him, I’d keep him on the bench and see if he figures it out. Rangers already invested in him and know what he’s capable of, so they’ll give him every chance to get himself straightened out. That being said, he looked horrendous.
  12. Even if he is tipping his pitches, it’s probably bad intel. Not like he had any idea where they were going.
  13. I guess Buck Martinez mentioned Giles had a sore back and was treating it with a heating pad. No clue on severity.
  14. Lotta snark here. Barnes started warming with a man in scoring position and 1 out. Eddy was toast. He was hitting 94-95 earlier and was barely getting by at 90-91. Every pitch was down 3-5 mph and it was clear he was done. Had Cora mystically predicted a home run, Barnes wouldn’t have been the choice. It was looking like a huge point in the game and potentially the “fire”. After the home run, would you rather sit Barnes down and be like “hey man never mind, there was a home run so don’t bother”? As for, any reliever should be able to get these guys out...there’s two re
  15. He was injured throughout spring training. He has been throwing with one of their minor league teams in Arizona for the last week and a half or so, but that’s been it.
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