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  1. Damn, I'm just hoping for a trade now. A trade anywhere would give both him and ekeler value.
  2. Yes, apologies if the slashes made it seem like I was asking about a flex spot.
  3. I came across this idea a few years ago and wanna try experimenting with it. Anyone ever done it? If so, is it possible in yahoo or would you have to pen and paper the draft? (not against pen and paper, but I suppose it would make waivers basically impossible).
  4. James Washington, ryquell armstead, Tony Pollard, Kareem hunt (fingers crossed for... A trade? Round 8 keeper could break well if he does get traded).
  5. Everyone, I missed out on drafting him, but if you're able to get him please, please name your team Robb Deep!
  6. I don't think so, Jackson will have a role of course but Ekeler will have a rushing role and the third down work. Anyway, I'm hoping Gordon comes back within the first four games.
  7. I reached for James Washington (not too far, got him in the 11th). The upside was too much for me to ignore. Also reached for Ekeler in the 5th cuz I took Gordon in the 3rd, had to get that peace of mind.
  8. Got him in round 9 as my third/fourth WR, seems like a worthy flier to me.
  9. The opportunity cost of going TE high is big, the cost of going DOUBLE tight end is way, way too big in my opinion.
  10. That's true, looking at it now, I'm fine having Conner/Ekeler/Cohen as my backs while I wait for Gordon (hopefully not too long!). I am high on Kirk this year too. This trade isn't offered BTW, I think I'd offer Gallup and Pollard for Kirk.
  11. 12-team, two-keeper league. My Team: QB – Allen WR – Hopkins WR – Kupp WR – Sanders RB – Conner RB – Ekeler TE – Graham FLEX – Cohen BN – M. Gordon III BN – Hunt BN – John Brown BN – Washington BN – Pollard BN – Gallup BN - Ryquell The team that has Zeke only really has Kirk or MVS to offer me, both of whom I think have big upside, but who I don't see as much of an upgrade over my current receivers unless they hit it out of the park in their second seasons. I'm thinking may
  12. The RBs are good to great if Flash comes back soonish. I'd rather have Ekeler than Jackson in the meantime, but you can make do with Chubb and Kerryon. You're light at WR, it's possible none of those guys gets a thousand yards, but Kelce basically counts as another wideout. I think you won't get first place in the regular season, but with some tweaks during the season and Gordon coming back, it's possible you can win with this. I'm not high on Winston, but maybe Murray goes off.
  13. Fuller has the highest ceiling it seems (unless you count Watkins ceiling from many years ago), and Watkins is in a good offense. I like Sterling but I hate that team.
  14. Thank you! I posted this hoping to get some opinions on potential trades for some of these backs, appreciate it!
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