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  1. 12 team PPR Qb. Murray, RB Swift RB Hunt WR Diggs WR Cooper TE Kelce Flex Boyd Def Bears. Will play WW K Succop Bench Henderson, C Samuel, J Williams, D Johnson, J Cook, Big Ben
  2. In my keeper league him and Jarred Duran were traded for Aaron Judge.
  3. 12 team 25 Keeper League The following trade just went down Aaron Judge For Vidal Brujan Jarren Duran
  4. Why is Altuve out 10 days? Thought he was on a Covid protocol meaning he doesn’t have to wait 10 days.
  5. Thanks. That is what I thought but wanted to make sure I was missing anything.
  6. Which keeper would you prefer? Whichever is not kept the replacement will be picked up via draft. Thanks in advance
  7. I wouldnt be surprise if someone doesnt draft him in like the 12th or 13th round.
  8. Went undefeated in my Dynasty League. Keeper league I tied in the championship game
  9. Big salary dump. Hopefully you can find some replacement pieces
  10. Surely there is someone you can drop on your bench to pick him up.
  11. Dont see why not i have a feeling sixto is going to be plague with injuries in the MLB. I hope not
  12. If you want to trade Verlander I think you can get more for him.
  13. Thanks. That is where I was leaning but not much about him on here. So I thought maybe I was missing something.
  14. Curious what 3b I should be targeting in my dynasty league? Groshans, Gorman, India, Cruz, Jones, Toro Or someone else. TIA
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