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  1. 1 opening in a 6 sport fantasy league

    the League is MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAAB and NCAAF all on Fantrax. 
    this is an in depth league with salaries and college resources being owned. This does take at least a decent amount of time.

    Also the auctions for colleges starts again soon so make sure you do have time if you want in. 

    there is a proboards website and a spreadheet to manage the teams. I will give a better explanation and add the league commissioner in a chat with you if you want more details. 

    This is also a free league

  2. 6 sport league with opening NFL NBA NHL MLB NCAAB NCAAF FREE LEAGUE


    This league can be time consuming if you won't have time don't bother. We do all 6 leagues on Fantrax and have a proboards site and groupme chats. This is an in depth league I can explain more once you email me. It's a salary league too

    Email me at ryanscottryanscott00@gmail.com if interested or respond here

  3. 20 minutes ago, gojaspers said:

    Looking to join three leagues all around 50-200 dollars, my friend would like to join one with me for around 50, im interested in joining two leagues around 100-200 by myself. Would like it to be PPR and all have 2 RBS and 2WR DEF and Kicker included. No preference on draft. Email is chrissaccomano@gmail.com


    This is a keeper 12 team we have one opening left so join quick. Link to groupme chat above


    and that's the link to join the espn league we are drafting september 4


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