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  1. I think every NL Central pitcher's ERA just bumped up a bit Wadda get.
  2. Good news the mock drafts had some bodies in there last night! Got to do three mocks.
  3. Trea bringing the SBs you drafted hin for
  4. The Rockies can barely put up any runs even at Coors. Go Kershaw! Angels putting up a ton of runs lately look out Lynn!
  5. Gallegos walked off with a trainer and Helsey swiftly allows the Tigers base runners in to win the game. Didn't see the injury, just missed it. Did see my ratios get destroyed.
  6. The Reds staff lately. The bullpen has been legendary, specially when given a 2 - 4 run lead. Blown saves/holds so delicious.
  7. Got the hold but sacrificed everything for it 😑
  8. 8 walks and 9 runs allowed in 12 innings hurts. I thought he struggled a bit with command last year but upon looking not the case. The most he walked over a whole month was 3 or 4. I've owned him a lot and watched a lot last year he seemed to flirt with guys on base but tough risking other categories just for a save/hold. He has the defense and ballpark..
  9. 10 day IL. Rest up that knee hope you can return a week from tomorrow..
  10. The results so far are just a bummer. It has been a tough schedule but still.
  11. Trea 0/2 on stolen bases this year. 😒
  12. Boone not giving up on him, saying he's so close to putting it all together. Says he's healthy. Do we buy in? Who else would they have to turn to? Not sure if a phantom IL stint could help him figure it out.
  13. Really excited for Stanton vs Orioles and really hoping Yelich puts the bat on the ball! It's gonna be a hot one in Cincinnati, be careful out there Sonny.
  14. For those in Save + Holds leagues, who are you looking to pick up right now? Who are you dropping? Who was a leader last year that's not getting as many opportunities? Rafael Dolis is 3/3 Justin Wilson 2/2 Joakim Soira 2/3 getting action for Oakland Twins still waiting on them to have an opportunity..
  15. Weaver spotting fastballs but the off speed stuff just didn't get close enough for strikes or just got hit. Damn. That Grisham HR was all him, it was a good pitch.
  16. I had Solak on my team at the end of last year, I did not forget about him. So many projections - Steamer,Zips are showing low at bats which scared me. I will keep an eye on em for sure. Castro was showing some higher projections and I did not know he was on fire the second half, thanks for that! Agreed on Arraez as well.
  17. It's a 10 team league, the draft felt like an 8 team. Thanks for the input!
  18. I had a great draft, but got sniped in every possible way when trying to take a 2B to the point I just let the spot remain vacant to pick up someone from waivers. Roto (OPS not AVG) 2B options. Who do you like? I do not need SBs, I really just need some extra offensive support from a guy getting solid AB's. Kevin Newman (PIT) Luis Arraez (MIN) Starlin Castro (WSH) Scott Kingery (PHI) Nick Solak (TEX) Rougned Odor (TEX) David Fletcher (LAA) Schoop (DET) Robbie Cano (NYM) Honestly I think there are some solid options here, who would
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