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  1. 12 Team 0.5 PPR QB - Big Ben, Trubisky RB - Saquon, James Robinson, Mike Davis, Myles Gaskin, James Conner WR - Ridley, DJ Moore, Woods, AB, Coutee TE - Engram K - Bass DEF - Bucs, Dolphins Losing Saquon sucked - but snagged Davis and Gaskin off the Wire
  2. 14 Team Standard League - We have a salary cap of $200 that is manually managed and includes rookie drafts etc. QB - Rodgers, Herbert RB - CMC, Ronald Jones, Gaskin, David Johnson, Mike Davis, Duke Johnson WR - Ridley, Metcalf, McLaurin, Fuller, AB, Coutee, Jeudy TE - Logan Thomas DEF - Ravens K - Tyler Bass Needless to say, the rookie draft last year of McLaurin and Metcalf put my team in position for this season. Traded for Gaskin, Fuller, and David Johnson for people seeking rookie picks and went all in.
  3. I follow this cat randomly...not sure if this is legit.
  4. multiple chargers reporters reporting the same thing. enjoy the ride while it lasts. But it seems the chargers miss melvin gordon or at least a player of his build.
  5. Doesn’t hurt to take a flier. Can’t be any worse than Snead and those other WRs. They signed him to the PS and activated him in 11 days. Must’ve had something or the Ravens are desperate.
  6. As consistent as Anderson has been - his ceiling is capped (and this Panthers offense) because of Teddy not challenging downfield. Robby’s RAC opportunities were few and far between tonight.
  7. I remember drafting this guy his rookie year and all the plays he made...sadly he hasn’t really progressed since then. like the other commenters here - they’re not using him correctly. His first big completion on the corner route is exactly what they should be using him on. Not these 5 yards hitches and zig routes. him getting traded to NE (or any TE needy situation) would be a big boost. Still think he’s talented. only positives were the 9 targets.
  8. Brown missed practice two straight days. May be firing him up as a WR3 versus the Jets this week.
  9. If John Brown is ruled out (which is likely) - Gabriel Davis worth a spot start for those in deeper leagues/byes.
  10. Lol some unreal bad luck for Clyde owners. He looks fantastic tonight.
  11. In case anyone wanted some context on the first part... He looks in good spirits here 🙏🏽
  12. Need That Tyreek Hill explosion game and CEH to make his last stand. Want 40+ but not optimistic
  13. Worth rolling the dice on Cowboys defense versus WAS next week? (Got IND on bye) My league’s WW is thin for defenses at the moment.
  14. Shame he got hurt this game - the 49ers offense runs on a different level when this guy is on the field. Positive sign that he tried to get it going - but bad that he got ruled out right after. Guy is explosive but we won’t reap the rewards if he can’t stay on the field.
  15. Best case scenario this becomes a Chubb/Hunt situation. Hope Clyde shows up this Monday
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