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  1. For the circumstances DJ Moore was tremendous last year. WR9 in receiving yards. WR19 in targets. WR30 in receptions. Moore outscored Robby by ~11 points (0.5 PPR) on 18 less targets and 29 less receptions while getting more yards and TDs in one less game played.
  2. I think Warner's wearing the green dot the rest of the season. Could have a top 10 year. Derwin James is also a beast. The way he's being used is incredible. Vander Esch is the guy I'm targeting ASAP. He will not lose that spot once he gets it. This kid will be a tackle machine in that situation with full time snaps.
  3. Hicks seems to always do well until he gets hurt. Off to a great start this year. Anybody playing him against IND tomorrow?
  4. Had some fun with it last year. Glad I was right about Julio. Let's try again. NE: Brady throws 45+ TD's before retiring after the SuperBowl (as the loser). MIA: Amendola plays all 16 games to catch 91 passes for 956 yards. BUF: Who cares... NYJ: Trade for Le'Veon Bell. LAC: The team stays healthy. (From this point forward.) DEN: Sutton leads the team in receiving touchdowns with 9. KC: Mahomes: 32 total TD's - 15 INT's OAK: Chucky has a great first year in the ugliest, most baffling way. OAK wins the division. PIT: Jaylen Samue
  5. Cutting down on those walks lately too. 3 in last 3 games after 9 in first 3.
  6. Leonys Martin could be a decent play. Camargo as well.
  7. 8 steals in the last 8 games. Can we expect him to continue being this aggressive one the basepaths?
  8. Pretty comfortably a top 20 OF since he started playing regularly. Is there room for improvement?
  9. It also just makes sense from a logistical standpoint. If Viz ***** the bed, swap him with Winkler. See how they both respond to their new roles. Winkler may just do nothing himself but it gives Viz a chance to build confidence back up and get back in there. Meanwhile, Minter can take his time honing his craft.
  10. I could see ATL taking their time with Minter. He's definitely a future piece, might as well get him acclimated to being an elite setup guy before giving him the reigns. What I could see is Winkler getting the shot first. Dudes been lights out.
  11. Assuming he stays healthy and keeps things going well, where do you think he ranks ROS amongst OFs?
  12. Any chance Walker Buehler can be that guy later in the year?
  13. Wondering if the Toronto game gets PPD as well.
  14. Whats a realistic stat line we can be looking at assuming he stays healthy and starting all year long?
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