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  1. Fantrax is probably worth looking at it. It has lots of flexibility though not the best interface so your people may complain about it
  2. Got one opening on $75 Yahoo league with weekly matchups and H2H Points. The point systems is designed to give equal balance to the standard nine categories. 8-team league with deep rosters (27 players). 15 starters and 12 bench. Rookie Draft every year. Ten keepers per team. Each player can be kept for one round earlier in the draft for up to three consecutive seasons. Email me at mfbenoit7@gmail.com with interest and any questions
  3. Email me at mfbenoit7@gmail.com. 8-team keeper league on Yahoo for $75.
  4. I have an 8-team keeper league on Yahoo. Email me at mfbenoit7@gmail.com
  5. Email me: mfbenoit7@gmail.com I am looking for an active owner to take over a team in the league I commission
  6. No apparently portland has strong dwade following. Im sure jrich will be bback in to run second unit offense
  7. Anyone watch the game? Did the defensive stats seem repeatable? Because if so, once his shooting rounds into form, this guy could have first round upside... at least in his prime
  8. After dec 15, could include bjelica in that deal who would be a great fit at PF for washington
  9. Thanks! I saw the highlights and he looks super smooth. Does he have the look and demeanor of a star? The faceup stepback jumper was an advanced move
  10. Other than the nice line, how does he actually look so far?
  11. Looked better as a shooter in summer league. 6/7 is high but high 70s doesnt seem too outrageous of a progression
  12. Hes coming off bench. Still time left in 3rd for him to sub in
  13. Too many TOs but a great first half in limited minutes!!!
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