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  1. Showed that he's a potential league winner today which of course means Patricia is giving him 9 touches next week while AP gets 13 carries for 31 yards and a TD.
  2. They rested him the last series of the game but the real problem is that even without Darrynton Evans he was never in on 3rd down. At this point the hope of him being a 3 down back is dead and buried.
  3. And he could be much higher if he wasn't ranked 42nd out of 47 qualified RBs in yards per carry so far this season.
  4. Without the Minnesota game he's averaged 3.4 yards per carry and even with it he's at 3.7 while being an absolute non-factor in the passing game. He'll get better as the season goes on just like every year but there's no need to pretend he hasn't been bad so far.
  5. The TDs are nice but that's now 3/4 games you could've replaced him with Jordan Howard and nobody would've noticed a difference
  6. At the end of the day usage will always be the #1 indicator of success for RBs in the RBBC world that we now live in. Sure Drake hasn't looked great and the random decline in pass game usage is weird/concerning, but he's getting about 70% of the snaps and 20 touches per game which is basically bellcow-level nowadays.
  7. Yeah he seems kind of like a JAG as a runner but his pass catching ability means that he should still capitalize fairly well off his high snap %. I think he's a lower end RB2 ROS.
  8. Gotta be the most obvious sell high situation in recent memory. Hunt is just way too good to not eat into Chubb's production. This was as good of a game script as he's going to get against a terrible run defense and he got the goal line carries. Any games where they fall behind early or Hunt gets the goal line carries instead is likely to end up in a dud.
  9. Bust of the year in 2020. Unlike last year the team will actually be somewhat competitive so he won't get saved by them tanking the last 5-6 games and just feeding him 30 carries a game.
  10. Another thing I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned yet in this thread is how unbeatable Denver has been at home in September throughout their history. Sure there are no fans but that isn't the main reason they're so good, it's the altitude. I'd wager that a big reason why Henry looked so "human" last night was because of how draining it must be to get 30 touches at that altitude in your first game after a shortened offseason with no preseason.
  11. Out of all the god awful teams in the league you're worried about owning a player from the team that was 30 minutes away from the super bowl 8 months ago?
  12. Lead the RBs in snap %, got the only goal line carry for a TD, would've had 20ish points in PPR if he caught that gimme TD. AP is annoying and hopefully he isn't mentally fried after that drop but I'm honestly more confident now than I was before week one that he can return his 5th/6th round value.
  13. Fair points here but disagree with your "stacking the box" argument. Sure the loss of Diggs hurts but I think Cousins is too good of a QB to not consistently punish defenses for overplaying the run. I know he gets meme'd about a lot but he's at the very worst a slightly above average QB and towards the end of last year he was firmly in the top 8-10 range. Plus Cook gets involved in the passing game enough to grind out solid 10-15 point weeks even when he's struggling getting it done with his rushing. Zimmer and Kubiak are smart coaches, they'll find ways to get him involved even if the defense
  14. I'm basically in the same spot as you being 6th in a superflex league (Mahomes and Lamar pretty much guaranteed to go t5). I think I've decided that I'm going Dalvin if he gets a new contract and if he doesn't I'm going Kamara, I like both of them though so not gonna be mad either way.
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