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  1. Agree. This fella isn't wired like most people.
  2. 1ppr pt from Schultz to make the playoffs. Tied right now.
  3. ...and the lie detector test determined...that was a lie.
  4. Might as well just grab Robinson and hope for a 70yd bomb vs playing this guy and hoping for a few 3rd n 5 conversions.
  5. With Swift looking more seriously injured, I think this guy may have some ROS appeal.
  6. How many points is he going to score me this weekend?
  7. Every other run he had was garbage. Don't go exaggerating now, it was 17 yards out WITH A HOLDING CALL. Just because you "don't own either" it doesn't validate your weak argument.
  8. It absolutely makes it less impressive if thats the reason he even got into the endzone.
  9. Edmunds is fast and all, but doesn't he play defense for the Bills?
  10. His entire post was based on the performance vs expectations. This thread is always polarizing based on the fact that according to some, DH can do no wrong/never should get the blame/and is in MVP consideration. All of those need to be called out accordingly.
  11. You mean TWO good games in a row. 2 carries for 2yds and a fumble lost the game before that and 1 catch for 16yds the game after that.
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