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  1. I did the same. Im starting to have second doubts though. If it wasn’t the playoffs I wouldn’t be stressing it so much, but me and my opponent are pretty evenly matched so this decision could easily determine my win or loss.
  2. I think part of the problem is Matt Ryan. He’s just so inconsistent sometimes he looks good and other times it’s like wtf? Last season was an outlier to me. Two years ago I draft Matt Ryan and he was so frustrating I said I would not draft him the following year. Then last year happened and it made me think maybe he’s becoming an elite qb. Now it seems like he has come back to earth. I would love to see Julio before his prime is over with an elite QB/Great QB. If he played with Brady, Rodgers, Big Ben, Luck, etc. He would have seasons that would rank amount the greatest in NFL his
  3. I have Cousins also and I’m benching him for Jimmy G. Ramsey is questionable for Sunday. If he plays then go with Crowell. If he’s out go with Baldwin.
  4. I was on the fence but I decided I’m going Jimmy G over Cousins. There are so many things against Cousins. - Redskins online is ravaged by injuries - Bosa and Engram (see #1) - Chargers D top 5 in pts allowed to QB - Redskins offense not the same since Thompson - Chargers are not good against run so they might rely on Perine even more - I don’t think this will be a blowout so no garbage pts for Cousins I’m rolling with Jimmy G against the Texans who are bottom 3 in pts allowed to QBs
  5. Another positive is that Ryan was looking to go to Julio often. Seems like almost every pass attempt he was looking Julios way. It cost him obviously a couple times with some terrible picks, but at least it wasn’t like other games where it seems like Ryan ignored him. It is a little annoying though how often it’s Sanu finishing the game with a td instead of Julio.
  6. Whatever I’ll take it. Lattimore is legit. He’s already one of the best in the game and the analytics back it up. Was hoping the game went into OT though, thanks Brees smh!.
  7. Im in the exact same situation. I literally posted this question in assistant coach. I’m starting Chargers D and I’m thinking of picking up Jimmy G and benching Cousins.
  8. Cousins @ Chargers Jimmy G @ Texans Im also starting Chargers D I really hate Cousins matchup. Chargers secondary is good and Skins line is beat up. So Bosa and Ingram will tee off. Jimmy G looked good in 1st start against a good D in Bears. Texans give up most fantasy pts to Qbs. Still not much of a sample size though. Last time I sat Cousins it was against Minn and he put up 37 pts. I’m nervous about getting burned again.
  9. Count as another choosing between Barber and McKinnon in ppr. I was going Barber if Martin was out, but I have to go McKinnon right now. I’m not happen about McKinnon but at least I know what his volume will be. I know he’s going to get about 10 carries, at least 3 to 5 catches, plus he does get goal line work sometimes. I have no idea what Barbers workload will look like now with Martin back. I can’t take the chance in the playoffs.
  10. This Im starting him, but I’m nervous as hell about it. I wish Julio could be like Antonio you never have to worry about him.
  11. I understand the concern, because I’m concerned as well. With that said there is still no way would I bench Julio. Epescially for Shepard considering he has a bad hamstring.
  12. This sucks Now I’m forced to roll with McKinnon <sigh> I don’t feel confident with that despite his td last week.
  13. If you look at history Julio usually bounces back well from single point fantasy games. I can’t remember the exact numbers but almost every time he comes back with 100 yds. It looks like Lattimore is playing but I can’t imagine as a corner he isn’t somewhat hampered by his ankle. Lattimore doesn’t follow either. He stays on one side and Julio has been playing in the slot more. I also like you have Shepard on my bench, but no way I’m sitting Julio. If Julio burns me this week and I lose so be it. No way I’m benching Julio.
  14. Chiefs D is trash Peters is suspended Cooper will be out Crab will be fresh If you are not starting Crab with all of the above going on then you might as well drop him. Him getting revenge on a punk like Talib is not going to play a part in his performance this week.
  15. I would play Barber to see if they need to find a starting rb to replace Martin in the off season. If they play Barber and he plays well to end the year they can address other needs. If Barber struggles then they know they need to find a rb in the offseason possibly using an early draft pick.
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