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  1. Need 1 owner to join us in a redraft league that has a buy in of $20. We use leaguesafe to keep up with our monies. Payout for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 5x5 H2H catergories is the setup. Very competitive and active league.
  2. Need 1 owner that can join tonight and get their $20 buy-in out of the way via League Safe. This is a yearly redraft that starts from scratch each year. Had an owner slacking so had to show him the door. So here we are trying to find an active owner for the full 20 week season. I will try and make the league available to view before making a decision. Please send me your email address and i can get invites out in first come first serve basis. Only needing 1 owner so once filled and paid then i can let the forum know. The draft is next Sunday at 8:30pm ct. I believe that is March 10th.
  3. Thanks BMK, got trade deadline set at week 16. 11 pitcher starts instead of 9 now is the limit.
  4. Thanks for input. Not sure why our trade deadline was removed. I guess it does that from year to year. I will comb through better.
  5. Not sure why league settings would be blocked. I have it set to "open to the public."
  6. Send your email to me from this page and I will send invite. We pay through leaguesafe. I will post that a but later. Wanted to get the league filled first.
  7. Looking to fill 3 vacant owner spots in a H2H catergories league that redrafts all over again each year. There will be 12 teams with no divisions fighting for 6 playoff spots. Since we are a little ways out from Opening Day, I will make sure to send out league safe info no later than next weekend. We will go with $20 buy in and the snake draft will be 60 second per selection. The draft will take place on Sunday night at 8:30pm on March 10th. Feel free to take a look around at the league before joining. PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE IF YOU DO NOT STAY ACTIVE FOR THE FULL 20 WEEK SEASON. THANKS. Please
  8. Soroka is good. I feel good about starting. Not sure if he will be on a pitch count though.
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