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  1. Acuna, Soto, Alvarez and Turner. No matter what this is a good problem to have with all of these stud keepers.
  2. I'm curious how much Vlad costs. If he's dirt cheap like the rest of your young talent maybe save your money and fill in your holes at auction? Regardless of what deal you make you'll have more money committed with holes still in the OF and pitching.
  3. Gallegos will definitely toss some high leverage innings out of the pen this year. Or Maeda is always a nice bench filler for SP. You can only count on him for 150ish IP but they are typically productive.
  4. Flaherty, Sale, Altuve, Acuna, Lindor and Devers. I like Hiura but you dont need a backup 2B in a 12 teamer. Sale over the other 2 SP for me. I'll take his body of work in probably only 150ish IP any day.
  5. Moose, especially if you dont have a 2B in a deep keeper league.
  6. Def. like Tucker over the other 3. I like Grisham next. He shouldnt hurt you in any particular category. Not a fan of Riley this year. May need an extended stay in AAA to fix some swing issues.
  7. Losing Osuna stings but Bradley can soften the blow. Dont let Joey Lucchesi stop you from getting Lindor.
  8. Story, Belli, Yordan and Marte. Sorry Alonso but there is no way I toss Story back in the FA pool even with a 12 rd difference. Manning would be my NA keep.
  9. Accept. Good starters are worth their weight in gold in 30 team leagues.
  10. Close call but i like Marte a little more.
  11. Keep the top 5 you have listed. If you still had your early picks you could make an argument to drop Freeman and keep Verlander.
  12. You could use some infield depth so I think I make the deal. But that stings dealing Soto in a categories league...
  13. Even with the draft pick I'd still pass.
  14. If he bites on Cease, Dahl and Senzel I think thats a good trade for you
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