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  1. This is a free start up league we finished the draft, I have a Couple of teams available both should be competitive this year, the owners dropped out due to personal reasons. this is a 16 team, 8x8 H2H Cat. league with 30 starters, 7 bench, 7 IR, and 20 Minor league slots. if interested please email taylorabauer@gmail.com
  2. Hey i have a first year dynasty had 2 players drop out just previous to draft. other owners are incredibly committed. have one balanced team and one pitcher loaded team available. 16 team 8x8 h2h catagories
  3. One of 2 well balanced team is taken. the other 2 teams still available
  4. Correction 1 rebuild. the rebuild is LOADED with pitching and the other 2 are well balanced and ready for a good owner to take over
  5. Need 3 owners for startup dynastry draft in progress, owners are involvend and competitive, trying to keep teams looking good as long as posible into draft, free league for at least 1st year, 8X8 H2H Catagories email me at Taylorabauer@gmail.com if interested one team is being drafted but owner is leaving it is the most competitive, other 2 are likely already rebuilds but as draft is active you can get a jump Start
  6. H2H Catagories dynasty league looking for owners. email taylorabauer@gmail.com if your interested or have questions
  7. First year fantrax dynasty league looking for dedicated owners, 10x10 h2h catagories 16 teams 25 starters 10 bench spots 5 ir spots and 20 minor league spots. if interested email me at taylorabauer@gmail.com with dynasty league in subject line please
  8. i just started a 16 team h2h catagories dynasty email taylorabauer@gmail.com if interested
  9. This is 16 - 20 a 10x10 H2H categories league. This league could be a free or money league, we can take a league vote pryor to the draft. looking for very dedicated owners who are willing to make trades and be interactive in the league. I have been the commissioner of keeper leagues in the past, but this is my first crack at a dynasty league. if you are interested in helping out or just playing in the league please email me @ taylorabauer@gmail.com with the subject Dynasty League. The rosters are currently 30 starters, 10 bench spots, 5 ir spots, and 40 minor league spots. right now we would b
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