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  1. One doesn't have to listen to anyone who may or may not have a surname that sounds like a UK bank. It's all about goals and priorities. If the Kings' main priority this season is to earn a playoff seed over players' development (which I think it is), then Bjelica is going to average 28-30 mins ros. Why? Because he's more experienced and simply a better basketball player than Bagley at this stage.
  2. Maybe he only played 25 mins last night for a reason.
  3. Any idea how we can transfer our ESPN ROTO league to Fantrax and hardcode the current standings without messing up season player stats?
  4. That's due to a number of reasons actually. In Euroleague, we've got: 40-min games, hence less time on the court on average Better team defensive approach more contact, hand checking etc allowed more travels called Also, regarding Luca's predictions above, I believe his assists will be a lot more than 3.5. I expect something around 5.0. He (already) is a great playmaker with tremendous passing skills. Plus, another thing that is worked out differently in Europe is assists. It's a lot harder to get an assist there and Luca has 4.3 in 26 mins last year.
  5. Some say Lowry is poised for a career year sans Derozan. As in doing better than no11 (15-16) and no12 (16-17)? That's highly unlikely, if not impossible. Those two campaign numbers were inflated by two major outliers. Steals and FG that were way up vs. the average. Last year both regressed and he finished at no30 just like 4 seasons ago. Not to mention he's now 1 year older and has trouble staying on the court. Hopefully nobody from my leagues sees this post and they draft then in top 15-20.
  6. Only half-way through the season and KD has missed 8 games. Maybe you'll be ok, if you lose a couple of h2h weeks due to KD being hurt, but you can't possibly make up for it in Roto. Especially if you also drafted Gordon Hayward...
  7. It's impossible to know how good everyone is without looking at the rankings. If experience was the only skill needed to know what's valuable and what's not, what's gonna trend upwards and what's not, statisticians would be useless for most companies.
  8. As long as he gets 30 mins, this is exactly where I see him at. And Russell is not going to be back until next year; however, Spencer had top100 value even with Russell being healthy. He is my last year J.Johnson and my two years back Barton!Insert other media
  9. Well they just gave one of his steals to Winslow...
  10. The biggest surprise here (at least to me) is that Bjelica is getting all the back-up PF minutes, which could change sooner than later.
  11. Well, the main difference between the two is the 3s (Porzingis wins) and fg% (Turner wins). I see Turner taking about 15 shots a game, which would take his points to about 20/game. He's also showed he is more durable than KP, which is why I'd choose him over Porzingis.
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