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  1. Dynasty league, 10 teams. Debating on whether I want to strengthen my offense more right now or sit tight. Looking at an offer of Bregman for Vlad, Jesus Sanchez, Doolittle and Posey. I have Donaldson at 3B until Vlad arrives but adding Breg I could move Donaldson for more pitching. Plus once Vlad moves off third I wouldn't have to find a replacement. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. He has no AAA ABs. Big deal? No, but we're talking about the Padres. I think midseason is where he will be called up at the earliest. SD isn't ready to compete this year.
  3. He did make a nice defensive play at 1B with bases loaded and zero outs. Snagged a hot shot after it one hopped and went home for the first out of the inning.
  4. There is more to it than just finding a team that has done just that. Most coaches who draft a QB that high are given more than one year. Obviously Kingsbury is there now. We hear all the time with new offensive coaches "when will they get their guy who will run their offense?" Maybe Rosen will be that guy. But I don't have a hatred for Murray enough to say he won't be drafted at that pick.
  5. So bc they traded away all of that for Rosen they cant change how they want to go forward? If they learned over this past year Rosen sucks, or that he will not do well in Kingsburys system then they can go another route. If they have to take their losses on that trade for Rosen, so be it. But there is no reason to waste a few years on Rosen if you know he isn't the guy you thought. Not saying he isn't good though. But to say 0% chance is a bit over the top.
  6. I have seen rumors of the Cardinals trading out of the first pick or even trading Josh Rosen because Kingsbury is a huge believer in Murray. Can't remember if it was mentioned here or not but Kingsbury said in back in October that he would draft Murray #1 if he had the first pick. I saw he came out recently clarifying that but still. I believe the guy likes Kyler. Could easily trade the first pick and move back a few spots and gain picks while still drafting Murray.
  7. If you don't have a defensive position, Keith usually downgrades players significantly.
  8. Law is big into ranking based on your position you play as well. A special SS bat vs a special bat that may end up being a 1B in Vlad is the situation amongst the two at the top. Based on Tatis' likely ability to stay at SS he has him ranked higher. Very reasonable
  9. Any chance you drafted and own Murray in a fantasy league? IMO, MLB needs to come up with a solution to keep this from happening again. Compensation of some sort. Or teams just need to learn from this and not allow a player to improve their draft stock in another sport. Had the A's not given Murray permission to pursue football at OK, we would not be seeing this.
  10. As of right now, probably. He will have to make bigger strides to accelerate that ETA.
  11. JP Crawford got called up to Philly and Walker Buehler to LA
  12. Phillies have officially called up JP
  13. Walker has officially been called up
  14. I would imagine Torres would be good to go since it's just throwing as opposed to pitching. Pitchers begin throwing first then start working on pitching. So my guess is he will be fine but Yanks should keep him back a few weeks at least. Question is does Torres head to third base? I believe Didi is in year three of arb. Do we see a Machado kind of move here?
  15. 7 innings, 3H, ER, HR, BB, 10Ks. (7-4 ground ball-fly ball) Two starts before that: 13 innings, 9H, 4ER, 3HR, 2HB, 3BB, 8Ks. (1.23 GO/AO) I believe all his ER have been off HRs. Results still very good even with the 3HR game in his debut.
  16. The other viewpoints are what I love about this site. It may not come off that way all the time. Wish I had found this site before now.
  17. Only issue with him would be power right? There's plenty of power on that team to keep a leader and good all around player like Joe.
  18. The fact that someone has been at one level all year doesn't mean they are ready to move up, correct. Bauers has put up decent stats at AAA though. .263/.365/.410 isn't bad. Is the power low? Yes but likely the only big knock most have on him. And he has played more OF than 1B this year so he brings versatility to a small market team. I don't think an early call next season is out of the question.
  19. From what I recall reports I've read in the past have been similar. Middle of rotation to back.
  20. Bauers has been at AAA all season. Not sure he really needs more seasoning there. Time to learn at the pro level.
  21. So 2nd best SP on most teams? Hmmm. He certainly has the confidence that he is capable of that.
  22. If you own him, sell sell sell! Not sure he will have much more value
  23. In Keith Law's chat today he mentioned he expects Acuna up in September. Not sure if he has insider information or just a guess.
  24. In an article on Baseball America, Kyle Glaser wrote "Yamada has been one of the Central League's top players in recent years and is Team Japan's most dynamic position player. He is coming off back-to-back 30-30 seasons for the Yakult Swallows, boasts a career .312/.402/.539 slash line and is a Gold Glove winner to boot. Though on the slighter side at 5'10", 163 lbs, Yamada's demonstrated power-speed combo in the middle infield makes him a highly attractive prospect." I have read other articles that have said people call him the Mike Trout of Japan. Absurb, yes. But that kind of ta
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