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  1. I’m in a dynasty and my league will not pay the price I think CJ is worth right now. This is my first year owning him but he seems to playing at a new level. He gets to play point for a decent amount and racks up assists. Anybody seeing his steals and blocks getting taken away tonight? I feel like he’s gotten his hand on some shots/balls.
  2. I know House Jr probably is as rostered as much last year but for the 2nd consecutive year, ESPN doesn’t give injury reports for him. He doesn’t even have the day to day tag let alone being listed as out.
  3. @Taipanhopefully, Nurse realizes that he needs to keep Powell in the starting 5 more often. @RAGINGROOSTER
  4. He seems to fill it up just fine in the starting lineup. It’s odd that when he comes off the bench, his minutes are much lower and his confidence really drops.
  5. That’s the sense I’ve gotten watching the Rockets’ first two games. He still has the drive to show he’s the best offensive player in the league but when it comes to crunch time, he’s cool with the Rockets losing as he knows he won’t be here much longer. It’s like spending time with a significant other when you know you’re going to end things and have to put up a front. I like his fantasy situation here without Wall, Boogie, and Gordon but eventually, Harden will get in a fight with a teammate/coach/front office and things will get ugly. I want him to get traded so everybody can move on but it
  6. Didn’t he play a few games last season after he broke his wrist?
  7. H2H-12 Team-9 Cat-Dynasty -Only start 5 players per day: PG(1) SG(1) SF(1) PF(1) C(1) Squad: PG: Harden (SG), Jrue (SG) SG: Middleton (SF), McCollum, Seth (PG) SF: Giannis (PF), Gallo (PF), Powell (SG) PF: Siakam, J Collins (C), Bertans C: KAT, Bryant IR: Kemba This is my team. To be honest, I'm getting tired of Giannis' hit to my FT% and am considering trading Giannis and a 1st round pick in 2025 for Durant, Tobias, a lottery pick in 2022, and three future 2nd rounders. If Giannis could hit 70% or more at the line, I probably wouldn't
  8. Speaking of Teodosic, I was excited for him when he came over and he didn't exactly have a stellar NBA career. Do we envision Campazzo having a better go at it in the league over Teodosic?
  9. I really like WCJ's game. Not so sure on Barrett but I think Reddish will be good. Interesting situation in ATL. I really think this is a coin flip but if I had to choose, I'd good Barrett/Reddish long term. I anticpate WCJ being much better short term.
  10. If you’re competing for a title take/keep AD. If rebuilding, go with Ja/Ingram.
  11. I’m realizing I still feel that way even with all the new bodies in ATL. I’m going to hold off on this one. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for your input. This is a dynasty league so the guys you get in the 2nd round are the late lottery rookies (so no Steph).
  13. Dynasty league-H2H-9 Cat. I have a trade offer where I would receive Jamal Murray for John Collins and Seth Curry. I may be able to ask for a future 2nd round pick as well. Seth was a waiver wire pickup for me. Would you guys pull the trigger? Team is in signature. I’m a little concerned about Collins’ future in ATL. Even if they do extend him, how much is he going to be featured with Bogdan, Gallo, and Capela now in the mix? Jamal was awesome in the playoffs but has shown inconsistency during the regular season. I appreciate your insights. Thanks in advance.
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