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  1. I'd give up martin for Parker - protects your RB depth and Cooks is not a great PPR guy. Thanks for answering mine.
  2. thanks for answering mine - I would do this deal. Very curious if you have alternative keeper options instead of gordon (since you would be keeping him at cost it doesn't really make sense). GL!
  3. Doug martin right now has me nervous given his workload and the team imploding. I think I would hold onto your RB depth since evans has been largely disappointing this year and I would expect Hogan to return to form in a week or two
  4. I would personally expect a RBBC with both teams but collins is showing he can produce where Alf is still a mystery. I would keep collins. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/682440-12-team-5-ppr-his-kamara-for-my-cooks/
  5. Can't possibly start this guy until he proves he gets snaps
  6. I would go with Jordy and Funchess assuming PPR http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/682440-12-team-5-ppr-his-kamara-for-my-cooks/
  7. Bye week spots are very important and I wouldn't take my foot off the gas. Having said that, if you are favored by more than 15 points, i would be ok leaving it empty. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/682440-12-team-5-ppr-his-kamara-for-my-cooks/
  8. 12 team .5 PPR. Both of us are tied for first at 8-1, so obviously this would be a move that has the playoffs in mind more than usual. With Doug Martin and the Bucs looking very shaky and Aaron Jones splitting with Ty Mont, my RB depth is suddenly not so deep unless Henry comes on late. I feel like I have plenty of WR options here being 6 deep at the position and Cooks does not have a favorable ROS - would you do this deal 1 for 1? QB: Dak Prescott WR: Cooks WR: Allen WR: Thielen RB: Freeman RB: Martin TE: Clay Flex: Robby Anderson Bench:
  9. Mike Jurecki of XTRA Sports in Phoenix expects La'Rod Stephens-Howling to be the Cardinals' starting tailback until Beanie Wells returns from his turf toe injury late in the season. Wells was placed on I.R., but with the "designated for return" classification and is eligible to return no sooner than Week 12. We anticipate Arizona's backfield -- behind a putrid run-blocking line -- to struggle mightily for consistent rushing yards. Return-yardage leaguers and PPR owners may prefer Stephens-Howling, although William Powell is probably the favorite for carries. Alfonso Smith is another candidate
  10. No RB on this team has been useful thus far, and I expect this trend to continue. The line is garbage, Kolb gets hit about 25 times a game and is never upright. Maybe bye week filler, but this guys not gonna start crushing it or anything
  11. He was a walk on at K State and played behind Daniel Thomas... I'm not sure a scouting report even exists on him.
  12. Gotta take a flier but he could still be out till late in the game if the Chargers continue to play hardball. They need to get a lot back to get the deal done.
  13. looks like a must add at this point for the worst guy on your roster
  14. Taking a flier on him around rounds 10-12 in leagues with 6 bench spots. I figure he's worth the risk at that point to really give your team a late season boost if he ever gets his act together. I just cant see him sitting out the entire season, but as a charger fan at this point it wouldnt even surprise me.
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