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  1. I'm very interested! Send info please ey7700@hotmail.com
  2. Good Morning! I want a league with committed GM's that will commit year after year. I'm really interested in this league. ey7700@hotmail.com Eric
  3. I'm interested in a 14 or 16 team dynasty league. Please send invite. Thanks! ey7700@hotmail.com Eric
  4. I'm searching for a new start up dynasty league with a league fee around $50 to $100. I'd prefer no IDP but willing to consider. If you have something or any ideas. Please Send a email or reply here. Thanks Eric ey7700@hogmail.com
  5. I'm looking for a dynasty league that will last. I want 16 teams but I'm more interested in just team defense. If you have anything like that please let me know. Thanks ey7700@hotmail.com Eric
  6. ey7700@hotmail.com I'm interested. Please send invite.
  7. I've been playing Fantasy sports for many years going back to the days when online play didnt exist. I'm interested in a well run league with owners who are committed for a long haul of a Dynasty. Please send invite. Thanks Eric ey7700@hotmail.com
  8. ey7700@hotmail.com Interested in a LG that will last forever with the same returning owners. I'm very active and been playing Fantasy for many years, in all sports. Thanks
  9. Sounds like a good league that needs a restart. I'd be interested in a redraft. I'm looking for a 16 team keeper dynasty. The draft is the best part of the year. Send invites if anyone is starting 1 up. ey7700@hotmail.com
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