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  1. It will probably take AP. He doesn't need WRs.
  2. Trade is fine but that's the risk you run when the league has member veto option instead of commish veto. People can veto for whatever reason they see fit.
  3. Bump, anyone else? Waivers come in up 2 hours so any help would be appreciated! WHIR!
  4. RBBC for green bay but if you were to drop someone, drop Henry, especially since you don't have Murray. I just recently dropped him after holding him all season for no reason since Murray is still the starting RB for TEN.
  5. Get Stafford but keep crowder. Can't trust dark even after last night's mediocre game. Cowboys won't get that many turnovers every game.
  6. Would you drop any of these guys for Gordon? Don't want him blowing up on someone else's team. Ekeler, I have Melvin Gordon Chris hogan Sanu Sheppard Seals Jr I start brown and Hopkins at wr, EE at te Leaning towards dropping hogan. 10 team ppr league. Playoffs started already this week.
  7. Has their teams been set that way the while ttime? If yes, then leave then as they have been. If other teams got to face them that way then it should stay the same.
  8. So why didn't you trade him Watson before he got injured? Would love to hear your sorry excuse of an answer.
  9. Classic. You resort to belittling people when they tell you the trade is bad. I hope you lose your season LOL.
  10. So you get to keep your wr1 and your soon-to-be rb1. You dodged a bullet by it getting veto by your logic. Of course if you disagree with this then you are downplaying the trade and how lopsided it is. Lose-lose for you whichever you decide.
  11. Reject and don't even counter; Don't trade with that team. What a joke of an offer.
  12. Should I trade antonio for gurley? 2rb/2wr/1flex/1te RBs: Gordon, Crowell, Woodhead, Collins, Rod Smith WRs: Brown, Hopkins, Juju, M. Lee, Hogan, Ginn Jr.
  13. Easily giving up too much. Find another owner to trade with.
  14. I would easily start gronk over any of those wrs but if you feel going from mckinnon/darkwa to ajayi is a bigger upgrade than going from gronk to whichever wr you would flex, then by all means trade him. If I had ajayi and someone offered me gronk, I would accept it without thinking twice.
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