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  1. Is Rogers from the twins available still? He would be a easy pickup, or the Braves current closer. Jackson? There is also the As closer that is doing well with Treinen out. It is hard to think of a multi trade unless you post what players you want from a specific team. Pick a big bat from the team with Chapman that you would want and we could narrow down the right value. Also, eovaldi is slated to be Boston's closer when he returns so you may luck out there.
  2. Hey guys, I've been tracking Cease and I'm wondering if he is worth a pick up. I'm in a 10 team H2H league, no keepers. My team is in my sig, not sure who I would drop. Thanks!
  3. I think you won just because you can keep Yelich as a keeper..
  4. This! How the heck did you get yelich and trout???
  5. It is a redraft league, but I'm torn because there is nobody worth snagging on the FA list. I'm hoping my starters carry me along with some hot streaks. I think I may wait and see what the deal is with Paxton and Springer before I start dropping people. I'm up 80 points this week and have 5 starters going on Sunday for this week.
  6. I would ride the pence train until it slows down. Drop renfroe
  7. Hey guys, my team is starting to look like the Yankees in terms of IL stints. I just got hit with 2 more to bring my total to 6. We only have 1 IL spot on the roster, and my bench players are all SPs, none of which are doing anything worth dropping them for: Bauer/Tanaka/Paddack/German/Boyd/Flaherty/Paxton/Wheeler My current IL list is: Judge/Springer/Peralta/Tatis Jr/McNeil/Paxton I'm 6-1 and in a good spot to win this week. The only player who doesnt have a solid timetable is Judge. Everyone else should be back in a few days to 2 week timeframe. The biggest downside is ha
  8. Thanks bud! I was browsing the free agents and saw nobody picked up giolito, so I snagged him and dropped marwin which just compounds my issue. Luckily I have a decent lead so far so it may be best to just wait for tatis jr and McNeil to come back. There isnt many options out there.
  9. I actually just updated my team in my sig, I no longer have Cano..
  10. Hey guys, currently got 4 guys in the IL (Judge, Paxton, Tatis jr, and Jeff mcneil) and I'm out of bench spots. I have to either drop someone or play an IL spot. Should I drop Jeff McNeil for Brendan Rogers? Other options I'm considering are Kevin Cron and Cavan Biggio. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, In 4 and 0 so far in this league, head to head, generic points based ESPN league with no keepers. Chavis(2B/3B elig) is off to the races and I'd love to have him on my team, but it's hard to find someone to swap for him. C- Grandal 1B- Abreu 2B- Cano 3B- Arenado SS- Bogaerts 2B/SS- Brandon Lowe 1B/3B- Smoak OF- Springer, Peralta, Soto(IL10), Acuna, Jeff McNeil(2B/3B/OF elig) Bench- Tatis JR (IL10) IL- Judge SP- Bauer, Tanaka, Flaherty, Paddack, German, Price, Wheeler, Boyd RP- Chapman, Greene, Brasier I have Soto i
  12. I've seen starters get anywhere from 12 to 40 points a game. I've seen scooter rival that when he hit 4 bombs in one game but a good hitter will get anywhere from 6 to 12 on a good day.
  13. Hey guys, It's me again with yet another ludicrous offer. I receive Manny Machado, Shane Bieber, and Osuna (Astros) for Trevor Bauer and Jack Flaherty. This is a no brainer IF I had another solid ace type of SP. After Bauer my starters get to the B range and losing Flaherty will hurt. I honestly have such an amazing offense that adding Machado doesn't even appeal that much to me right now, but adding him to that offense and just raking in points at the expense of my pitching staff may be the way to go at this point Current team in below, thanks for the help as usual!
  14. This is actually incredibly helpful. Thanks! That would make sense about Freeman.
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