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  1. Exactly. And that’s why he shouldn’t have a job.
  2. Breaks off a 55 yard run on his first carry, against a defense that hasn’t been able to stop RBs all year. What’s the logical sequence of events after this? Oh, I know, barely give him the ball for the rest of the game and instead have Trubisky throw the ball into the dirt or his opponents’ hands. I just cannot believe the sheer stupidity of this coaching staff.
  3. I just came here to rant about how David Montgomery hasn't had a rush in about 30 minutes, despite being the only Bears offensive player that has actually done anything tonight. Absolutely infuriating.
  4. So the Bears have one player that is getting it done in the first half - David Montgomery with 93 scrimmage yards. Instead of using him, they keep getting Trubisky to throw picks and/or fumble. Nagy needs to get fired.
  5. I’d say I spend about 50% of my waking hours watching replays, reading this forum, reading opinions on ESPN, Footballguys, Rotowire, Rotoviz. So, fairly important, I guess...
  6. I think the difference between Julio and Adams is agility. Julio has great straight line speed but doesn’t have the footwork/burst/deception that Adams has to get separation on short routes.
  7. Now the 11th ranked WR in standard scoring too, so not just a PPR darling.
  8. AB knows he’s on his last chance. He acted up at the Raiders cause he wanted to get out. He’s a manipulative SOB. I have no doubt that he’s competitive enough to keep his nose clean at the Bucs. The chance to win a SB with Brady will be enough to keep his crazy in check. Obviously there’s a wide range of outcomes here, but if he plays all the remaining games this season, I can’t see any possible way he doesn’t end up as a WR1.
  9. Really pissed me off that they swapped out Tonyan for Sternberger. That should’ve been his TD.
  10. Need 33.2 points from Josh Allen. I’m not concerned at all.
  11. Could look to trade him at his peak right now for someone like Mixon who is probably as low as he can go. Throw in a WR2 as a stocking stuffer and see what happens...
  12. Look at Henry’s week 14-16 matchups and tell me you don’t want him on your roster for the playoffs...
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