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  1. No keeping players acquired during the fantasy playoffs would require me to track all players added/dropped during the playoffs and manually make that happen. This is too cumbersome and would take fantasy football from "fun" to "i don't want to." We have a 12 team league as well. How does your losers bracket work? What do you do with 5th and 6th place after wildcard weekend to keep them interested? What is your loser's bracket playing for?
  2. So, let me rephrase my question: Does anyone have a draft tool or software package they use to assist them and their own team during their live auction draft? If so, what is it and what are the pros and cons? Does the draft assistant software then continue to give you insight during the season as to who you should or should not start, injuries, etc...? Thanks.
  3. The problem with allowing them to have access is a whole other problem. Owners would absolutely use their leftover FAAB to acquire players they have no intent on keeping just to influence the outcome of the championship game. They would be, in all respects, assholes.
  4. Yeah, players are complaining about it. This past year, we had one player horde his FAAB and then make a bunch of pickups during the playoffs and everyone is butt hurt about it. I explained to everyone they could have horded their FAAB dollars and made similar moves and that he wasn't breaking the rules. But, they are not happy. You're right, going back and resetting all acquisitions during the playoffs would be a helluva daunting task!
  5. Yeah, we do that so teams that have no dog in the fight don't go and jack up free agency for those still battling for the championship. The biggest complaint has been (we are a keeper league), that player still in the playoffs can raid the free agency for keepers for the next year.
  6. Easy killer. The word I meant there was "only" not "online." Sorry about that. But, while we're talking about it, yes, I want to be online during the auction so that I can pull up any web browser and do last minute fact checking after a player's nomination. What I mean by recommendations is, when using Fantasypros software, it gives me a number of what percentage of all of their resources would recommend drafting a player for my team along with their updated auction value. The auction values are updated after every player drafted based on availability and how much money is left in t
  7. I've been running an Auction league for 9 years. Every year, the rule has been - once the regular season is over, if a team has not made the playoffs, their season is over and they do not have access to waivers or free agency. Their rosters get locked. Same goes for any team that loses in the playoffs. Recently, we've been tossing around ideas for a consolation bracket to try and get everyone playing through week 16 to keep it fun and to keep access to the waivers and free agency. However, we keep coming up blank. Anybody out there come up with the perfect consolation prizes or
  8. It looks like fan draft only keeps track of the draft itself and doesn't provide updated auction values and player recommendations during the draft. I was hoping for something that's more in depth. Doesn't anyone out there use a piece of software they really love? Is this something everyone is keeping secret?
  9. I had to shut down my Yahoo redraft league this year because I was spread too thin. This left 2 young ladies from the league searching for a new league to play in. Anyone out there have a simple redraft league that needs a couple of owners?
  10. My drafts are live and in person.
  11. So, I run a 12 team Auction league and I also play in a 10 man redraft league. We use CBSsports.com as our host site for the auction league. In the past, I've used Fantasy Draft Tools to track the auction and would later plug in the auction results into CBS at a later time. The last couple of years, I've dropped some extra cash to use Fantasy Pros Draft Wizard which not only keeps track of auction results, but can also give me insight into players I could/should be bidding on. It also gives me insight throughout the entire season as to who I should and should not start. My ques
  12. How do you keep the cost high? Do you guys have a large FAAB budget (like $1,000) or something?
  13. Looks like we are going to make the tiebreaker the reverse order of standings from the end of the previous year. I'm curious as to why you don't like the auction League keeper values being set by the winning bid on a player... This is the biggest thing that we're trying to decide right now. Whether or not we should make the bid the auction keeper value for The Following season. I'd love to hear from others who have had experience in auction leagues and have used FAAB.
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