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  1. It's a SF league with PPR Bonus for each position (0.5 for RB, 1 for WR, 1.5 for TE) 25 Roster spots and 3 Taxi Squad spots to fill. Come chill, watch how it plays out, give advice, ect. Most likely going live 30 minutes prior to the draft. twitch.tv/AzuranFists Be sure to help me out and drop a follow.
  2. Here are the rules to the League: https://docs.google.com/document/d/117A9ILjdDHMwHXxmGFJ47oGCNoSnJStv0SWYpaympXU/edit?usp=sharing Right now have 4/12 Plan is to draft on ESPN and league to be run on Sleeper Most likely won't draft until Mid July
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