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  1. I joined. How come it says I'm team Shirley? (insert Airplane joke here)
  2. $20-40? superflex, no K and no Def? When are you drafting?
  3. So...You're drafting at 1AM, 12 team, PPR standard settings? Or is this a 10-team with a super flex? I lost track looking thru the thread...
  4. I'm cool with 1 QB, 3 WR if that's what it takes. let's light this candle
  5. Craster, don't be snob. Jump down and slum it with the mob. The damn league's called Dragonpit, apparently. A guy calling himself Craster should appreciate that
  6. Prefer 10, but I could roll with a big-roster, 2-QB 8 if necessary.
  7. I'd rather go with 10 than let it drift away into the night...
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