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  1. I'm sorry, why would the Falcons trade up from 4 to 3 when it seems pretty obvious that the Dolphins consider they're set at QB?
  2. The threshold is 75% of snaps or 70% if they make the playoffs; so that means they have about 10-11 games to make a decision. By then they should know enough to continue or cut bait.
  3. As far as I know such odds are at least partially influenced by the betting, so they may be quite lopsided for various reasons.
  4. Cam in 2015 had 3800 yds with 35/10, and completion around 60% and QB rating 99. Wentz in his 13 games had 60% and QB rating 101, for 3300/33/7. I mean that's better, but not as much as you make it out to be. In any case, I agree it's a good move for the Colts. If it doesn't work out they don't risk too much, if it dies they look like geniuses (genii).
  5. I don't think Sewell should drop to 1.05 but if he's there, obviously you take him. That's not a question to me, he makes both your running game and passing game better. If Sewell is gone (eg the Dolphins) then trading down for more picks and getting both a good OL and some more D (eg Edge) would be a good plan.
  6. You understand of course that CTE and (drug/alcohol) addiction are not mutually exclusive right? And that in fact, substance abuse is one of the symptoms?
  7. And yet they didn't go for a package deal with Wentz/Ertz.
  8. Excellent for the Colts and for your Jalen Hurts. For Philly as a team it's the best they could get now but I would hesitate to call it "excellent". It's of course a defeat if this is the most you can get for your former star QB.
  9. Yehes, there are plenty examples, but that doesn't make it the overall trend. The first part we agree on completely For the rest, given that we play in a couple leagues together I probably shouldn't push too much (And given that you did better than me in 2 out of 3 of those 😛 )
  10. Yeah but you shouldn't confuse the anecdotal with the overall picture. Anecdotally we all know those situations where one guy or one team went on a rampage (Stone mentione Dak who indeed did that against Cleveland and Atlanta). Of course. We all know that one grandpa who smoked 2 packets a day well into his 90s and was a beacon of health. Great. But as a whole, no, that's not what happens on average. It's great you use your eyes, but you should always check the facts too.
  11. Well, the first bit seems obvious. The bad defense is about real life football and the fantasy points is about our make believe universe. Also, I'm not saying a guy on a team with a bad Defense can't score well. Obviously that would be ridiculous to say. Rather I'm saying: Offenses on a team with a good Defense, will score more points. Let's see how that worked out in 2020. On the horizontal axis we're going to plot the number of yards conceded, so a team with a bad defense will be on the right, and a good defense on the left. Vewrtically I'm going to plot for each team the points scored
  12. I personally would lurrrrrrrrve it if the Falcons go get Aaron Jones (woulkd be very good for my shares) but I think Carson should be a good fit too, and possibly a bit more affordable.
  13. If you look at the bad defenses of 2020, the Titans were the only one that had a semblance of an Offense. Henry performed despite the bad D, not because of it (edit: and you know I try not to give you ammunition but credit where credit is due). I checked that last year and there really is no evidence for that. Offenses need to be on the field to score points, and the more they are on the field, the more points they score. (I'll check it again later this week, don't have my laptop right now).
  14. Yikes. Btw, although he earned 24M in 17 career starts (throwing 24 INTs on 20 TD I might add), last season he made only 24k. Now that's the kind of deal Bill Belichick may find hard to pass on.
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