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  1. What are you guys even arguing? Sanders has been really solid outside of a few duds and is capable of breaking off huge plays, even with subpar line & QB play. His arrow is finally pointing up again coming off a 100 yard performance vs the freaking Saints of all teams who hadn’t allowed a 100 yard rusher in 45 games? It wasn’t a coincidence that he had his best game with Hurts under center. As a diehard Eagle fan Wentz had lost the locker room and the team simply no longer believed in him. It’s the exact opposite with Hurts and I will guarantee that the Eagles play much more inspired footb
  2. Is anyone worried about Jaire Alexander possibly shadowing him on Saturday?
  3. We must have vastly different definitions of what makes a person soft.
  4. I really don’t think an NFL player that was a Heisman trophy finalist, who prior to this season played in 48/48 games, had one of the most prolific seasons of any RB ever during which he had a league leading 93% snap count is soft.
  5. Not only does he back up suck but the first 3 games Davis was like 80-85% CMAC and we thought we had something special, only to eventually learn why he’s a career backup.. I was so proud of my team with him as well, somehow I managed to make the playoffs, even finished 1st in points but just missed out on a BYE, despite my first 4 picks being CMAC, Kenny G, Carson, and Mostert. This just feels like the final nail in the coffin.
  6. You still feel this way after hearing he’s not practicing today?
  7. Why is everyone acting like he’s been ruled out already? Obviously this tweaked quad was not the news I was hoping for when I eagerly checked on his practice participation today but sounds like he could very well play through and the fact that he was at least limited is something. As far as I’m concerned I could see him returning this week and picking up right where he left off and winning the championship by going on a 3 game year to close out the season or I could see him not playing at all and collectively breaking our hearts.
  8. I’m flexing him in a .5 ppr league that I have CMAC and Gibson..I just pray that he gets me 60-80 total yards/3-5 catches/1 TD.
  9. I think he’s worth a flex in 12 team .5 or 1 ppr leagues.
  10. Frustrating that I’ve had so many shares of the guy in previous years, only to finally look elsewhere due to durability concerns, and now he’s finally putting together a healthy season. That being said he’s one of those guys that offers more upside than anyone at his ADP due to his injury risks.
  11. He’s so consistent and just good. I’ll happily spend a 2nd round pick on him next year.
  12. Why would you drop him? We don’t even know if he’s missing a game and he’s most definitely worth a bench spot in 12 team leagues.
  13. Guy has been great and getting no love but I’m still scared to play him lol
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