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  1. I need 18.32 points to win tonight in my ppr league. I have in my flex Aaron jones. Should I keep him there or move Marvin jones jr into the flex. What's my better chance of winning of the two?
  2. Welp. Here we go with this crap. Big goose egg from Brown.
  3. Yea terrible luck. Last week I put up 127 but played the zeke and McCoy owner and lost.
  4. So here is my roster 10 man 1 point PPR QB - Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton WR - Antonio Brown, Michael Thomas, Marvin Jones, Sterling Shepard, Corey Davis RB - Kareem Hunt, Devonta Freeman, Joe Mixon, Aaron Jones, Marvin Mack TE - Jimmy Graham K - Will Lutz D - Jags, Eagles (just for bye week) I am 3-4. My question is I have a guy who is 2-5 that has Brady and Wentz. He is willing to trade his Wentz for my Mixon and Shepard. Would you do it? TIA
  5. I'm so in between keeping him or selling high. ?
  6. If this fat cheeseburger coach would let Hunt run now that'd be great
  7. I would keep Freeman and Thomas. I think Atlanta turns it around and SOS favors Freeman and Thomas
  8. 10 man 1 pt PPR Traded away my Kelvin Benjamin & Derrick Henry for his Devonta Freeman. QB - Watson & Cousins RB - Gurley, Freeman, Abdullah, Lewis, Breida WR - D. Bryant, C. Hogan, Diggs, Davis TE - Graham & ASJ K - Lutz D - Jaguars I had first pick and lost D Johnson
  9. 10 man 1 pt PPR traded away my Kelvin Benjamin & Derrick Henry for his Devonta Freeman
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