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  1. He will eventually settle into a 6th man role when the Bulls acquire a good PG. In truth Sato is a better player and should probably be starting (how many teams are stashing a 6'7" pass-first 50/45/90 PG on their bench?!) but since this is a developmental year Coby is getting a chance to drive the car. I think his line when he transitions to a bench role won't be too different (17-5-4 or so) but I think he will become a bit more efficient at some point. P.S. I miss his afro.
  2. Perfect game for him to go off. Had 3 days off and Wizards D against PGs is Charmin Ultra.
  3. Isn't Pace one bad season away from losing his job at this point? I imagine he's going to bring in whatever new QB he thinks can save his a** from getting thrown into Lake Michigan.
  4. Lot of smoke around a Wentz trade but that seems to have died down a bit. That would have been a disaster. They need a Jalen Hurts type with some mobility unless they completely patch up the line, which they don't seem to ever care to do. Trading up for Lance is their best bet. Big guy that can throw and can run. They won't do it. Bears fans, enjoy Kyle Trask or Wentz or whatever trash plays behind center next year. I'm so sorry.
  5. Rodon has a chance to break camp with the Sox as the #5. If he's healthy the upside is decent with his stuff, their defense and offensive thump.
  6. Even his awful games are pretty good. Trying to think where he would be traded that would actually benefit him fantasy-wise and drawing a blank.
  7. Dude is amazing. Any chance he sticks near 30 MPG when Carter returns? He's their second best player right now.
  8. Just gotta hope he gets traded to a contender where he can take on a Lou Williams role. No reason for DET to do anything with a 32 year old Rose, or for him to try too hard on that squad with limited miles left on his body.
  9. Can't believe he was being used as a spot up shooter last year. Dude is built like Ivan Drago!
  10. Never got bad, only got hurt. If healthy he will be a top 20 guy. Worth the gamble at the current ADP.
  11. I expect a lot of teams will have an innings cap of sorts of their starters, except for guys like Lynn who are free agents after 2021. Same is probably true of position players -- would be stunned to see anyone play a full 162.
  12. I've always felt he was overvalued and have been wrong more often that not. Still, I just don't like him as much as a lot of other pitchers around his ADP. If I'm wrong again, fine. I see a near 4 ERA guy who throws a lot of innings and gets a lot of wins and QS and a bit more than one K per IP. Obviously valuable. But I also see a guy who will be 34 soon and gave up a lot of HRs and was aided by a career low BABIP in 2020, obscuring the fact that he was merely above average and not elite. Now he's moving from a HR suppressing park to a HR inflating park. Me no likey.
  13. Moncada recently addressed the covid stuff: “The symptoms: the tiredness, the weakness I was feeling throughout the season, lasted for a few more weeks after the season ended,” Moncada said through team interpreter Billy Russo, addressing his recovery from COVID-19. “Thank God, I feel very good right now. I feel like I normally feel. I’m doing all my stuff right now. I feel I’m in very good condition. I’m feeling strong.” So it seems there's no reason to believe the issue will linger into 2021. Good news.
  14. I think ReyLo is beyond repair. But I do believe one of Kopech and Cease will be a solid-to-good back end starter. My money would be on Kopech. Pains me to say this as a former Cease truther. I think it's highly likely the White Sox make another SP acquisition. Even after landing Lynn they were rumored to be in on Gray, so they're looking. I would personally put money on Quintana coming back on a short term deal to take on the same role Gio Gonzalez did last year. Hendricks will be great but my hot take is that he won't even be their best reliever. I think Crochet is probably penciled int
  15. Good to know. Was afraid he was getting bullied near the hoop and losing basically every REB battle. Also have to echo what people are saying about his shot. Really pretty. Looks like he was taught to shoot by that one old dude at the Y you always see that never gets his shot blocked and hustles you for money betting whether he can swish 10 straight free throws.
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