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  1. On the other hand he won't be making start #3 until we're 19 days deep into the season. And being a back of rotation arm in his late 20s on a 1 yr deal, he won't be treated with the same kid gloves that someone like Kopech will as he returns from injury. They will likely milk everything they can from Rodon while doing their best to keep him healthy along the way. The fact that most pitchers are going to be limited actually really helps Rodon's value, as he would have been limited anyway had this been a normal season. A year to year healthy arm like, say, Kyle Hendricks is going to be closer in
  2. He gets to face DET, CLE, and KC in his division, has high K potential, a legit ace arsenal of pitches, and with that lineup behind him could win a good chunk of games. If someone is willing to offer the same package they would for someone like Alcantara or Urias, sure, I'll sell high. Otherwise, I think the upside is too high. Injury risk is always there, but you gotta roll the dice sometimes.
  3. Yup, that's what convinced me today -- along with the sustained high velo. Potentially three plus pitches and he's controlled them very well so far. You take a flyer on these type of high-upside guys late in your draft for a reason.
  4. The number of people who profess to like baseball yet want to eliminate as much of the cool/fun stuff from the game is utterly baffling.
  5. Pretty happy I didn't listen to that dude that was all NEVER AGAIN about Rodon after his first start. Whatever happens tonight, it's clear that the dude is a different pitcher. Whether it's just being healthy, in better shape, playing for a contract, I don't care. Rodon is legit.
  6. Yermin is just right-handed Barry Bonds at this point.
  7. Nah, if he's healthy 100+ with a likely transition to SP next season with I'm assuming another innings cap around 160 or so. Small sample size, but so far no barrels, no flyballs, and a league-best whiff rate. I thought he'd have a rocky start but he looks insane out of the pen and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  8. Woodruff is a guy I like a ton and he's had consistent success, but based on pure stuff Burnes is pure top-shelf.
  9. Man the Bulls would be so fun if they had a legit supporting cast (outside of Thad) to support Zach and Vooch. Sato and Theis are solid 20mpg backups, nothing more. Lauri and Coby are inconsistent as f---. PWill has a lot of potential but he's still young and raw. Hard to win when you're missing both a legit PG and rim protector. Frustrating squad to watch.
  10. Ah, the dreaded update to the update. I guess that's good for Yermin owners and sad for those us who unabashedly love Eloy.
  11. Just about every year there's a guy that takes the very good-to-great leap (Bieber last season was a big one) and Burnes sure looks like the dude this year. If the command is there, holy **** he is close to unhittable.
  12. .270-25 seems actually possible if he gets enough PAs. It'll be interesting to see what happens if he and Vaughn both hit if Eloy does come back in August as the updated timeline for his return claims. Unless Yermin is still a monster, he's gonna be the odd man out in that group of 3.
  13. Oooh baby he got it. Won me my week pretty much single-handedly. I'll admit I thought the dude was a bit overrated and only took him bc being an innings-eater in 2021 is going to be incredibly valuable in QS leagues, but watching him pitch he really does look like an ace. Thanks Lance!
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