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  1. Private league 200 dollars for the winner from my pocket no need for buy in I need someone to fill the void to manage the team because of Covid 12 teams standard 8 cat 14 roster spots plus 3 IL. DM for team details.
  2. Looking for 1-2 owners in a yahoo H2H standard 8 cat league Winnings will be 200 dollars out of my pocket no need to buy in. This is just a private league for my friends and one of them needs to do CFA this year. settings are 14 roster slots standard yahoo additional bench and 3 IL's for Covid. Snake draft.
  3. renewal league no buy ins necessary, looking for a challenge whoever wins will get wire or e-transfer 100 bucks unless you are in toronto you get raptors tickets need 2 more owners! will give league details if you are interested
  4. hey stifle i don't see you ! let me know if you are having issues,.
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