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  1. I was going that way, just over thinking it I think
  2. I have the 1st over all pick in a 12 team keeper league .5 ppr had to keep 2 "O" players and one IDP, I took over this team and they had no RB worth keeping I kept Evans and Cooper Need to go RB at one Gordon and Howard are at the top. I am at a coin flip between the two what way would you go?
  3. Looks good, but just to let you know you CAN NOT add rookies to a team before the draft is held on ESPN just a heads up before it turns into a nightmare on you. shoot me a invite sirporkchop@yahoo.com
  4. Interested, one question can we make FA pick ups right now? sirporkchop@yahoo.com
  5. it helps if you make the league open to the public so we can see the team and settings
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