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  1. Am I the only one who reads the tea leaves and suggests that the RB signings have nothing to do with injury and everything to do with DJ being dealt? The team is going young and he’s not a spring chicken. His contract is penalizing to a rebuild. Edmonds is young and seemingly a perfect fit in the offense. Could be way off but.....”Bruce A. is on line 2...should I tell him to hold or call back?”
  2. Oh hey guys, it’s me, the thread starter. I’m a complete idiot. take care now
  3. The biggest question is....Gore or Singletary? Not a start sit question. More of a projection between the two. This is one of the easier gamescripts to predict. I’ll go first Gore 15 carries 84 yards 2 Rec 8 yards Singletary 11 carries 60 yards 4 rec 26 yards no idea who gets the TD
  4. The good news is I started Watkins and McCoy. Everything is just A-O-K 🙄
  5. I'm about sure McCoy didn't play a down in the 2nd half
  6. no, you're not. You're not including the qualifier I placed in my post of *with the Chiefs*. I'm not arguing what he was or wasn't before that. He may be a "bust" based on his ADP but if he gets 10 or more touches weekly, he's still VERY useful.
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