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  1. Yup, you read the title right! This is a league where doing bad stuff, like missing shots, turnovers, fouls, etc. give you points, and doing good things, scoring, rebounding, assists, etc. lose you points. Find this interesting? Join below. Yahoo-Free-16 Teams- Draft Sunday 10/20/19 at 7:00pm est https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/156208/invitation?key=9a3b6fe6c8d53e35&ikey=9850ef5f0efd90b8&soc_src=app-sh
  2. I am in an 18 team dynasty league and I have the #1 pick. My team is pretty bad overall with no star players. The scoring is weekly points. I got a trade offer and it’s like this Send: #1 Pick Receive: #2 Pick and Lauri Markkanen Do I accept this trade or not?
  3. I am looking for a FREE startup dynasty league! prefer yahoo Needs IDP! any # Of Teams! please reply to this if you have one!
  4. If someone would like to make a league like this for free, I would love to join it, this seems like so much fun
  5. Looking to join a league with a lot of teams (prefer a startup dynasty) league with 20+ teams
  6. What is the rest of your roster like is the question?
  7. ARE THere any more details on this? Is it Roto or H2H Cat? What website?
  8. This is a totally free league? If so I would be interested
  9. IS this the first year? If so I would be interested!
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