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  1. 1 more needed for league safe and ESPN league. Then I will commence draft order position generator which will automatically e-mail everyone the results as soon as it's completed. Let's get it done!
  2. UPDATE: 11/12 have joined ESPN league 10/12 have paid into league safe ( @AJ1982 will be paying later on when he gets home from work) ONLY NEED 1 MORE TO FILL THIS LEAGUE! YOU CAN DO IT!!
  3. @mattyice Thank you for joining again this year and for already paying into league safe. Invite has been sent for the league bud. Let me know if you don't get it
  4. UPDATE: 10/12 have joined the ESPN league 8/12 have paid through league safe (2 have committed to paying later on today) Need 2 more players to fill this league up and then we can determine draft order position!
  5. Invite sent! Let me know if you don't receive it, thank you again for joining bud. Good luck this year, only 2 more officially needed until we can run draft order position.
  6. @Biscuit26 I can assure you, we aren't full my good man. We have 3 open spots in the ESPN league (1 pending invite) What's your e-mail bud because the league is invite only.
  7. @AJ1982 Here is the Leaguesafe link: https://leaguesafe.com/join/3904246 Works fine on my end, if you still have issues when you get home and try to pay let me know bud. Thanks!
  8. @Josh121 If you aren't joined and paid by the time we fill up my good man I'm going to have to give your spot to those who are ready/paid and locked to go. Just wanted to give you a heads up bud, hope you join soon!
  9. UPDATE: 10/12 invites have been sent 9/12 have joined ESPN league 8/12 have paid through league safe
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