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  1. Yes, they mostly show pending which means payment is sent. It says that until it clears bank in a couple days
  2. 12 team league - currently 12 in the league but I am temporarily making it larger until all are paid. We have 8/12 paid - Next 4 to pay are in
  3. I opened it to 14. We have 8 paid now so the next 4 that pay are in. I will change yahoo to 12 again once 12 pay in leaguesafe
  4. I am doing $150. Want to draft today 7pm ET but will go to tomorrow if not full
  5. I think this is down to 5 after last invite. I opened and paid into leaguesafe and will share once we have only 4 left
  6. Sent. 6 more needed after you are in. I am opening leaguesafe after 2 more are in. I will at that point change yahoo to 14 teams and the first 12 to pay are in.
  7. Up. Will open leaguesafe with 3 more draft will be today at 7pm ET and if not full it’s tomorrow 7pm ET.
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