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  1. Tomlin has to be a top 3 overrated coach of this decade. What a ******** scrub
  2. Can’t imagine he plays more than a quarter. I’ll be starting Hurts over him
  3. Steelers have to be the most overrated team in recent memory. So good to see
  4. Lol Hollywood bitching all year about not getting targets then drops balls left and right. What a bum
  5. Is Russ hungover from thanksgiving or what? Snap the damn ball dude
  6. Dude will be out of the league in 2-3 years. Nothing but a gimmick
  7. So damn consistent, think he’s a lock for top 3 WR production ROS
  8. Thanks for specifying the team he plays for. Would’ve assumed you meant Cowboys RB Boston Scott
  9. Time to give up on Taylor? What a damn joke this game has been. Was supposed to be a smash spot
  10. How many goddamn snaps has Berrios played? What a complete joke
  11. Has to be the softest player in the entire league
  12. lol this JAG won't gonna have a job to come back to. bye felicia!
  13. I'll be heavily targeting Fant, 50-60 receptions with 700-800 yards and 6-7 TD's is not out of the question.
  14. For those with Godwin - see if Anthony Miller is available as a backup plan as the Bears play in the later games, could have a decent game without Gabriel.
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