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  1. Would not do that. Henry is a league winner if Murray goes down.
  2. He’s had 19 targets the last 2 weeks combined. Not just a red zone threat
  3. BUF has the easiest ROS WR schedule in the league. So juicy
  4. LOOOOOOL Lynch you ******** idiot. Guys the definition of a f--- boy
  5. Wondering the same. Should step into a good situation with a high target share sans Clay
  6. Fitzgerald, Bryant, Keenan, Hilton to name a few
  7. Add Decker on my list. Really though he’d be a lock for WR2 PPR numbers. Has been useless
  8. Shady? Really? #9 PPR RB, hasn’t been great but hardly a bust.
  9. ASJ if he hasn’t been scooped. Could’ve had an even bigger game if it wasn’t for that bs call
  10. Sounds like a super challenging league. GL mate
  11. lol what kind of joke league do you play in where you can trade Kroft for McKinnon?
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